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Nancie Atwell - The Reading Zone

Nancie Atwell - Scholastic Author TalkAbout video interviews

In this "TalkAbout" video clip series Nancie Atwell, answers questions about reading comprehension, and shares advice on creating successful reading and writing workshops as well how to create passionate readers.

                 The Reading Zone (4:26). What core conditions are necessary for students to enter, and stay inside, the reading zone?

                 Comprehension (5:27). How do you know whether your students are understanding what they're reading?

                 Student Choice (4:19). Why is allowing students to choose their own books and topics fundamental to their success as readers and writers?

                 Reading & Writing Workshops (4:48). What is the best preparation for teachers who wish to teach reading and writing workshop-style?

                 ÂȘ Advice and Encouragement for New Teachers (3:30). Nancie shares advice based on her 30 years of teaching experience.

                 Creating Passionate Readers (4:27). Nancie tells about the childhood experience that helped her become a fluent, avid reader.