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Interested in audiobooks?

What is AudiobookREX?
Hear samples from featured audiobooks. Excerpts are streamed, not downloaded, so you must be connected to a network to use this service.

"AudiobookREX is mobile-friendly audiobook recommendations from AudioFile Magazine editors, carefully selected from among hundreds of audiobooks that we review. Find weekly listening recommendations in your favorite categories: Fiction; Mystery; History & Biography; Young Adult; Sci-Fi & Fantasy; Culture; Mind, Body & Spirit; Classics; Family Listening.


Consumer Health Complete (EBSCO database)

Health content in a variety of formats

More than just health articles, CHC offers animations, medical images and video, along with reference texts and encyclopedias. This webcast walks you through the features. (Free, easy registration required to view)

"Consumer Health Complete (CHC) is the single most comprehensive resource for consumer-oriented health content. Find consumer-oriented health content in a variety of sources, from evidence-based reports, health reference books and encyclopedias to videos, animations and medical images, all in an interface designed to provide an intuitive means of searching.


Engaging youth with indigenous materials in libraries & classrooms

Incorporating materials that represent Indigenous peoples and cultures

How do we select First Nations resources?

"Assessing and incorporating teaching and learning resources by and about First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples is critical for librarians, educators and parents. This panel will address challenges facing Indigenous and non-Indigenous librarians, educators and parents when drawing upon materials representing Indigenous peoples and cultures."

WNCP Assessing and Validating Materials

BC Aboriginal Education Resources


Sun, Fun, and the Universal Design for Learning

The myth of the average student

"When thinking about taking a group of students to the beach, it goes without saying that we would never expect a group of 30 people to wear the same style or size bathing suit. Just plain ridiculous. We also would never expect the same group of 30 to pack the same snack, lunch, or beverage. There are many variables that result in the fact that people need to pack different foods and beverages. And we can be pretty certain that in this group of 30 some will want to tan and use a low-SPF sunning lotion, while others will range up to 50 or even 100 SPF.

So.... Why would we expect all 30 to experience the learning process in the same way?


HaikuDeck has some new features

Need some help presenting?

HaikuDeck has a notes feature to help your students present. They can add speaking points to a slideshow and choose to have them be public or private. Private notes don't display for the audience but are useful prompts for the presenter - kind of like training wheels.


Building the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt - lesson

Self-paced literacy lesson focussed on ancient Egyptian society

"In this self-paced literacy lesson, students learn how historians think the pyramids were built and why they were built—as doorways to the afterlife for the pharaohs. Students develop their literacy skills as they explore a social studies focus on ancient Egyptian society and how those at the top organized the rest of the population in order to build these amazing structures. During this process, they read informational text, learn and practice vocabulary words, and explore content through videos and interactive activities. When they are finished, students select and complete a writing assignment offline.

Note: There is Teacher's Guide (PDF) for essential background information and suggestions for ways to support the lesson.

The lessons can be completed without creating an account - students won't be able to save work in the lesson, but can still access the materials.


Own Your Space - a primer on cybersafety

Keep safe in cyberspace - a free ebook download
"This is a book for every teen and an essential resource for every parent and teacher.  Especially though, this is a book for the computer savvy, keyboard-comfy teens who use the Net every day and want to know how to secure their systems, preserve their Net lifestyles, and protect their data. This book provides important details to keep those teens, their privacy, their identities, and their reputations safe in cyberspace."

Download individual chapters or view the complete PDF book. You have the option of providing an email address to get updates or simply get the eBook as is.



Study Guides For ASCD eBooks

Ideas and guided questions for your study group

ASCD has a number of study guides on their website. Several of them correspond with the eBooks Richmond district has purchased for our professional collection. (This collection is also available via your school library, under the Visual tab, or on the DRC home page.) Check the ebooks first and then see if there is a study guide.

For example:
Brain-Friendly Strategies for the Inclusion Classroom

NOTE: School ID and password needed for home access to the eBook collection.

FN Resources for the classroom and curriculum

First Peoples Curriculum and Classroom Resources

Books for Use in K - 7 Classrooms - Online version here (PDF).

English 12 First Peoples - Teacher Guide - Online version (PDF).

English 10 and 11 First Peoples- Teacher Guide - Online version (PDF).

Math First Peoples: Teaching Mathematics in a First Peoples Context, Grades 8 and 9 - Online version (PDF).

In Our Own Words: Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K-3 Classroom - Online version (PDF).


Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project

Reflecting the diverse nature of the Aboriginal people of B.C.

"The Aboriginal Curriculum Integration project (ACIP) is intended to raise the profile of Aboriginal people in the curriculum... One of the goals is to present well developed curriculum that enhances student learning through high levels of engagement and accountability. Embedded in each lesson is the opportunity for students to share and rehearse their thinking and extend their understanding. With this in mind, we believe it is important that the resources reflect the diverse nature of the Aboriginal people of B.C. and that the material developed be authentically reflective of the knowledge, culture, and history of Aboriginal people.


CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials

Assistance in making purchases of Canadian books

CM: is published weekly from September through June and is an all-volunteer online publication which features reviews of books and other materials that are authored, illustrated and/or published by Canadians and that are produced for/of interest to children and adolescents. CM's reviewers are teachers, teacher-librarians and public librarians and university professors who have an interest and expertise in materials for juveniles. CM's contents are of great interest to those who are seeking evaluative comments to assist them in making personal or institutional purchases of Canadian books or other materials for juveniles.

Archives are searchable.


Planning to use EBSCOhost Databases in the Classroom?

Template for building a cohesive thematic unit

For educators, magazine articles can be building blocks, and thematic lessons help build the house. Formulated with two or three related full text articles, a cohesive thematic study can build on factual knowledge and draw students into activities that:

•     Build vocabulary
•     Build expository writing skills
•     Explore content areas
•     Spark discussion and debate
•     Encourage higher level thinking skills
•     Match student reading levels
•     Promote literacy for both literature and information technology


Using EBSCO resources to study Egypt - 2 lesson plans

EBSCO databases (Primary Search and Middle Search) offer a range of magazine articles and reference books in HTML that teachers can use to supplement classroom materials. Here are two sample lessons that incorporate some EBSCO magazines.

King and Commoner
In this unit, students will have an opportunity to explore the daily lives of king and commoner using selected magazine articles from Middle Search Plus, and education websites on the Internet developed for middle school curricula, such as PBS.

"Life in Ancient Egypt"
Students will gain an understanding of the daily life of people in ancient Egypt. Students will recognize and identify connections and parallels between life in the 21st century and early civilizations.



I Read Newberys (90-Second Newbery Film Festival)

A Paean to Newbery winners!

"The 90-Second Newbery film festival, created by James Kennedy, is "is a video contest in which filmmakers of any age make movies that tell the entire story of a Newbery award-winning book in 90 seconds or less." It's coming to Chicago, Tacoma, and Portland this winter."

Find out more at 
Here is a playlist for the videos used in this compilation which you can watch on Youtube.


Carol Tilley – Children, Comics, Critics, and the Researcher

How young readers challenged adults' understanding of comics

Recorded presentation.

"In the late 1940s and culminating in 1954 with the publication of Wertham's book "Seduction of the Innocent" and the televised hearings on comics held by a United States subcommittee, comic books were the most contested form of print. Young readers could not get enough of them, purchasing more than a billion new comic books issues a year in the early 1950s. Adult critics such as Wertham feared, that by reading these four-color pamphlets young people would stunt their cultural development, ruin their eyesight, and fall into lives of depravity.

"Carol Tilley (Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois) draws in part from Wertham's manuscript collection at the Library of Congress and the archival record of the 1954 Senate hearings to document and analyze some of the ways young readers challenged and protested adults' understanding of comic book reading.


Build Reading and Writing skills

Scholastic Scope (with Read) Magazine

Available directly via EBSCO, or from our EBSCOMags page. (School ID and PW needed for home access.)

"Inspire middle school students to think critically, write persuasively, and speak confidently with SCHOLASTIC SCOPE® with READ® magazine. Every issue features thrilling nonfiction, original fiction, and paired texts in a wide range of genres. Plus, build core language arts skills with our grammar and vocabulary activities, standardized test preparation, debates, writing practice prompts, and more. Grades 6-8, Biweekly.

There are Digital Resources on the Scholastic site as well:
Sample resources from an issue:


Scriptwriting: A New Literacy | MiddleWeb

"Scriptwriting In The Classroom"

"Digital storytelling begins with words on a page – be it paper or electronic. Many of our students want to push "record" on their camcorders, smart phones or e-tablets before they've ever written a word on a script. Teachers today need ... get students involved in the kind of writing that leads to multimedia production. ... I created the "Scriptwriting In The Classroom" resource for my Media Literacy Clearinghouse website to provide teachers with some ideas, encouragement and guidance in this area. Here's some of what I had to say.



Writing about Photos from Around the World

Photos as writing prompts

Although intended for a college-level audience, the activities suggested here can be adapted to almost any level of student.

Let students explore a series of photos, choose three of their favorites and write one sentence captions for those three.  Ask students to then write in one of a range of genres:  a story, a poem, a dramatic scene, a movie or TV script, a pitch to use photo in advertising campaign, an essay of protest, or a news article.


Technology & Music Education- webinar with Kyle Pace

Use Tech to enhance your music program

Listen to Kyle Pace as he talks about a range of web tools, apps and links that you can use in your class to support your music program. View an Elluminate recording or listen to the audio track. Kyle has provided a list of all the resources he discusses as well as links to ideas suggested by webinar participants.

(You can also subscribe to other Classroom 2.0 presentations via iTunes.)


EBSCOhost Basics - webinar

Learn about the searching experience on EBSCOhost

"This 1 hour session is intended for librarians and others who would like to learn more about the searching experience on the EBSCOhost interface. The session will cover the different search modes, how to refine results using the Narrow By and limiters as well as printing, emailing and saving results."


TD - club de lecture d'été

Summer Reading Club in French?

Here are some booklists used in Québec, put out by the TD Summer Reading Club. You might find some titles here worth exploring.

Previous year:


Zinio Magazines @ Richmond Public Library

Over 300 choices - digital mags on your iPad!

The link above is for Richmond Public Library. (Note: you need to be a resident & cardholder to access RPL's version of Zinio. If you are a resident of another municipality, check your public library page - you'll likely find a local Zinio link. VSB and SPL have one!) "National Geographic Interactive" is amazing.

"The magazines you love – now available online at your library! We have subscribed to over 300 digital magazines, which you can read online or download your home computer, tablet, or smartphone! Zinio magazines deliver the exact same content you get in print, plus exclusive features like video, audio, and live links!"

See a list of available magazines here.


Teacher-Librarianship Book Published!

Becoming and Being: Reflections on Teacher-Librarianship
Interested in finding out more about the important role of teacher-librarians in schools and school libraries?  Edited by Jennifer Branch-Muller, Kandise Salerno and Joanne de Groot from the Faculty of Ed at the University of Alberta, the chapters of this book were contributed by 25 graduating students as part of their final course in the TLDL (Teacher Librarianship, Distance Learning) program.

There is also companion site for the book here: