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Discussion Panel - Canadian publishers - CBC The Sunday Edition

Book Blues: Making it is the publishing business

It's never been an easy time for Canadian publishers. There's the impact of digital books, the slow death of independent bookstores and signs that Canadian culture is now for sale. Michael Enright talks to three Canadian publishers.  (Hour 2 of the Early Edition - July 22 - podcast)


Critical Thinking poster

Hierarchy of thinking skills -  graphic

This poster offers keywords and framing questions than can be used to help encourage critical thinking.


Effective instruction in word study

Word Study in Action (October 21, 2010)

"Mature readers, writers, and speakers need to possess a basic knowledge of "how words work" and a set of strategies for approaching new words encountered throughout the day. Word knowledge has an impact on reading comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary. These skills, in turn, influence student success in all subject areas. This webcast explores effective instruction in word study."


Learning Through the Arts - Ontario

ARTS are an integral part of our culture

"Welcome to Learning through the Arts! These videos are intended to support classroom teachers by demonstrating how they can implement the revised Arts curriculum. They are examples of how teachers have integrated the arts into their programs to best meet the needs of their learners.

The videos are organized into five subject areas, Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music and Media Arts. Videos are also clustered as Elementary and Secondary."


Weaving Effective Instruction - Dr Allan Luke

Effective Instruction - for new and experienced teachers
Dr. Allan Luke is an educator, author, activist, and international researcher and policy change agent in all Australian states as well as New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. His work has influenced educators globally, including in Canada and the United States.

Length: 10 minutes
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Free children’s ebooks for ages 3-11 | Oxford Owl

Free teacher eBook library

Free teacher eBook library featuring over 250 children's favourite stories


The power of blogging in the classroom

Blogging in the classroom: why your students should write online

For the past few months Michael Drennan's GCSE and A level students have been doing all their writing via student blogs. Here, he reflects on the power of blogging in the classroom