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B&N recommended Children's Books for Ages 9-12,

What's hot for the 9-12 year old set?
Consider using bookstore recommendation pages as a way to stay on top of what is trending for certain age groups. This can help you "predict' what will be a hot title in your library!

(Also: Teen titles on B&N: link


A Catch-up Guide to Mockingjay | NoveList | EBSCOhost

A handy guide that reviews major plot points
"A Catch-up Guide to Mockingjay by Jennifer Stubben Hatch
Can you keep up with the steady stream of young adult novels hitting the big screen? The film adaptation of Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy, will be divided into two parts and it will be sure to include many details from the books. Whether you need a simple refresher course or an in-depth cheat sheet, this handy guide reviews major plot points and offers ideas for lively discussions with your library patrons."



Money? Making Change?

Quick Quizzes for Smartboards and projectors
Do you want to generate some easy practice quizzes for students to review concepts? "That Quiz" offers a basic quiz generator at a variety of levels. Most of the examples are Math related, but if you sign up and create a "dummy class" of at least one student, you can generate your own quizzes on any topic you like. (thanks Carole for the tip!)


The Indispensable Library and Librarian -SLJ

An action plan for change

Phil Goerner writes about what school librarians currently do and what they will be doing in the future.
"For me, it all boils down to making the library and the librarian indispensable. ...What I've learned, after 12 years as a high school librarian, is that no two libraries are the same. While there will always be universal goals, we must acknowledge that individual school libraries are most successful when they define themselves according to the needs of their unique patrons. One library may successfully market the traditional model focused on building a thriving community of readers and book clubs. Another library may charge boldly into the future as a maker space complete with 3-D printers. ..."


Books for Boys 2014 webcast - slides from presentation

Reaching those guys

I just listened to a SLJ webinar on "Books for Boys." Lots of great suggestions and some exciting new titles to explore and promote!

"Learn about this fall's collection of new books for boys during this School Library Journal webcast event. Covering everything from Greek gods to spooks and spectors, from picture books to young adult novels, this session will inspire anyone who's looking to get new reads in the hands of boys grades K-12."


YA Books and More: Great places to keep up with YA and Children's Books!

Looking for a book that will appeal?
Naomi Bates offers her list of "go to" sites for the latest in YA. (Her blog also has great links to Edu-tech tools, Book trailers, Animoto booklists and more.)

"Great places to keep up with YA and Children's Books!
So, what are the newest books out there?  How can I find book-alikes?  What about series books? As Mighty Mouse said, "Here I come to save the day!"Here are a few sites I'd like to share with you that were previously shared with me. I absolutely LOVE networking!!?



Information Literacy Interactive Tutorial

How to approach your information needs
This tutorial from the Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS) Information Literacy pack might give some good steps for devising a step-by-step path for high school students. Some of the details are more appropriate for a Social Services Worker but could be adapted.

"What is information literacy?
In a nutshell, information literacy is about how to find the information you need quickly and use it effectively. By gaining information literacy skills, you will understand how to approach your information need, know where to look for information, how to find it, judge whether it is reliable and useful, and share your information effectively with others."

Step 1: Question
Step 2: Sources
Step 3: Find
Step 4: Evaluate
Step 5: Combine
Step 6: Share & Apply


Some new-ish titles for grade 8-9

Junior YA titles anyone?
While I haven't read all the titles on this list, I do recognize many of the authors. If you're looking for some new-ish covers, take a look and see what might work in your library.