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Leading and Managing A Differentiated Classroom - ASCD Webinar Archive -

Carol Tomlinson and Marcia Imbeau: Differentiated Instruction Webinar
Scroll down to see the video - other downloadables are also available.

(Audio is shaky for the first 20 seconds or so, but clears up!)
"The prospect of "managing" a classroom of young learners is daunting to most teachers at the outset of their careers.  Over time, most teachers become at least somewhat more comfortable with "managing" students. Nonetheless, "classroom management" remains a key impediment to using differentiated instruction for many, if not most, teachers both veteran and novice.  This webinar explored three critical questions that may inhibit teacher confidence in establishing classrooms that are flexible enough to attend to the range of learning needs of students in those classrooms."


USA Today's bestsellers - for the week

Best-Selling Books list –

USA Today creates a weekly list of the top selling books in the US market. Some are self-published and others are from traditional publishing houses. You'll find some YA titles listed as well as many adult authors.

"USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list ranks the 150 top-selling titles each week based on an analysis of sales from U.S. booksellers. Contributors represent a variety of outlets: bookstore chains, independent bookstores, mass merchandisers and online retailers."


Create Buttons for your website

Sometimes you want to add a clickable button to a webpage. Rather than search the millions of combinations out there for the right colour, size and shape, take a look at and make your own!



Van Gogh Case Study -Issuu eMag

Teacher-Created Art Study Materials
A case study for Year 10 Visual Arts Students studying Postmodernism


Math Open Reference Site

A free interactive math textbook

A free interactive math textbook on the web. Initially covering high-school geometry. This open reference project has the goal of providing high-quality content for these computers free of charge to the end user, and provide numerous benefits over paper textbooks. Using interactive tools and compelling animations, it provides an engaging way to learn and explore the subject. Teachers will have new ways to teach, and the students a new way to learn that is fun and engaging.


Wikijunior Books - a Wikibooks project

Welcome to Wikijunior!
(Completed books can be exported as PDFs. An interesting project to follow!)

"The aim of this project is to produce age-appropriate non-fiction books for children from birth to age 12. These books are richly illustrated with photographs, diagrams, sketches, and original drawings. Wikijunior books are produced by a worldwide community of writers, teachers, students, and young people all working together. The books present factual information that is verifiable. You are invited to join in and write, edit, and rewrite each module and book to improve its content. Our books are distributed free of charge under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License."


“History for Music Lovers” project

Reworked Popular Songs to Teach History

Amy Burvall's Youtube Channel.
She has been teaching the humanities for 19 years in Hawaiian private schools. She currently teaches World History and Theory of Knowledge at Le Jardin International Baccalaureate World School in Kailua, Oahu. For the past 11 years she has been active in educational technology professional development programs, and serves as a faculty liaison for her school's "Schools of the Future" grant committee. Her work in the "History for Music Lovers" project with Herb Mahelona has appeared in Wired magazine, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, CBC, NPR, and various international blogs and media.


French Songs with Visuals

Playlist of French Songs with Visuals

French songs for primary immersion, with Powerpoint slides to help with comprehension.


Sing-along Powerpoint - C’est L’Halloween

C'est l'Halloween - Powerpoint Animation
Based on the song "C'est l'Halloween" by Matt Maxwell, on the CD: "Matt's Greatest Hits".

Audioboo - Adding audio to your website of blog

Record and Playback Digital Recordings

AudioBoo is both a web and smartphone/ipod app that allows users to post and share sound files via a website.  Users can record and playback digital recordings (up to 5 min long) which are then posted a personal page on the AudioBoo website. Audio can also be uploaded directly via your computer. Once you have the recording, you can get the embed code and insert a "player" on your webpage or blog.

How-to video tutorials

How to use?
For Review:
Book Review:
Guided Reading:
Listening Comprehension:
Read Aloud:

ABCYA- educational kids computer games

Children's Educational Computer Activities K-5

Some advertising on the righthand navigation, but the flash games are varied and interesting. They work well on a SmartBoard, or projected on a wall/screen.

" - educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web. All children's educational computer activities were created or approved by school teachers. All educational games are free and are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way for children to learn. Grade level lessons incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills. Many of the kindergarten and first grade activities are equipped with sound to enhance understanding."


Privacy Pirates - Pirates de la vie privée -

Pirates de la vie privée:
une unité interactive sur la protection des renseignements personnels (pour les 7 à 9 ans)
Ce tutoriel initie les enfants âgés de 7 à 9 ans au concept de la vie privée en ligne et leur enseigne à faire la distinction entre les renseignements qu'ils peuvent divulguer et ceux qu'il est préférable de garder pour soi. Le tutoriel les aide également à comprendre que leur décision peut varier, selon les contextes.


Privacy Pirates:
An Interactive Unit on Online Privacy (Ages 7-9)
[[Link]LINK to site] [GAME]
This tutorial  introduces children, ages 7-9, to the concept of online privacy and teaches them to distinguish between information that is appropriate to give out and information better kept private – and to recognize how this may change in different contexts.



Living Languages in Danger

Language Death = Intellectual Impoverishment

"During his presentation at "Pop!Tech 2008: Scarcity and Abundance", Dr. K. David Harrison discusses how language death leads to intellectual impoverishment in all fields of science and culture. He also details efforts to sustain, value and revitalize linguistic diversity worldwide."


KEVIN DUNBAR: Unexpected Science

Mistakes, Errors or Epiphanies?

In real life, lab experiments may not go as planned. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Listen to Kevin Dubar and his take on this issue.

"What happens when science goes wrong?" asks psychology professor Kevin Dunbar. He studies how scientists approach the unexpected and learn from mistakes. Over the course of a year, Dunbar's team examined the habits of four molecular biology labs. Watch his talk to discover their findings, including the surprising characteristics of successful labs.


French as a Second Language (FSL) Homework Toolbox

Help for parents with children in French (Immersion).

"This site supports parents who have children in a "French Immersion" (FI) program and wish to assist them with homework in French. It is also a resource for FI students who require an accessible user friendly reference tool to help with homework. Learners and educators in other FSL programs will also find it helpful."


Folkways Jazz Education - Music Education

Smithsonian Folkways Jazz Education Website
Grades K-12

"This feature explores jazz from different perspectives: chronologically with a timeline, geographically with a world map, and musically with a virtual mixer in which you can listen to and observe the musical elements of jazz. We also invite you to be part of a constructive exchange of ideas about jazz in the discussion board."


Promoting Cultural Understanding Through Music

Tools for Teaching from Smithsonian Folkways

"Tools for Teaching from Smithsonian Folkways provides ideas and resources for educators to inspire their use of Folkways music from around the world. Information about these sounds and the cultures that create them are a valuable resource to courses in history, geography, language arts, social studies, visual arts-and of course music and dance. Curricular experience, activities, streaming videos, liner notes, music samples, and other features are available for free."

iTunes U
Find Smithsonian Folkways Tools for Teaching at iTunes U. (Link launches iTunes) Download free lesson plans, videos, activities, and other great educational resources - or subscribe to get automatic updates.


Humour: Anatomy of a BookCart

Take a moment to appreciate your bookcart

"So we work around these things every day, we hoard them occasionally, and they never seem to be empty. Let's dig in to the anatomy of a book cart. Here's an example of one currently sitting in my office..."

Travis Jonker, an elementary school librarian, started 100 Scope Notes in the golden days of 2007. Travis also reviews for School Library Journal and is a member of the American Library Association.


Museum of Obsolete Objects

YouTube's MoOO

While some are truly obsolete (ie floppy disk), many are now either niche items (ie quill pens) or parallel technology (ie radio). It might be fun to have students create their own video clips for a Museum of Old Technology!

"The Museum of Obsolete Objects is an online exhibit dedicated to inventions that have long since hit their sell-by dates. Each object gets its own short video (narrated by a computerized voice that is itself outdated). Working backward, you'll see clips about the computer mouse (not yet extinct, though the museum tells us it will be in just a few years), the fax machine, the floppy disk, the abacus, the eggbeater, and other everyday objects."

Want to read ePub files on your laptop or desktop?

Read ePub-files in your Firefox browser.
(Visit this link using Firefox) 
  •  (For personal use - Not for use in the classroom -  the "public library" access connects to and Feedbooks - some content is inappropriate for class use.)

EPub is quickly becoming the default format for eBooks. One "issue" with ePub files is that they are best viewed on an eReader: iPad, iPhone, Kobo, Sony, etc. What to do if you want to "flip through" or preview, or even read an ePub file and you don't have one of these portable devices? The solution is easy. Use ePubReader. This app is a Firefox add-on which lets you read ePub-files in the browser window. You don't need to install additional software! If you click on a link to an ePub-file, you are normally prompted by the Firefox "save as" dialog. With EPUBReader installed, the ePub-file is downloaded, processed and directly displayed, ready to read. You can also use Firefox to "Open file" and read an ePub you have already downloaded.


"Where Good Ideas Come From"

Steve Johnson - TED Talk (18min)
"People often credit their ideas to individual "Eureka!" moments. But Steven Johnson shows how history tells a different story. His fascinating tour takes us from the "liquid networks" of London's coffee houses to Charles Darwin's long, slow hunch to today's high-velocity web."

"Where Good Ideas Come From" by Steven Johnson (Youtube - 4min Sketch-note)

Preview his book: GoogleBooks: Where good ideas come from: the natural history of innovation
One of our most innovative, popular thinkers takes on-in exhilarating style-one of our key questions: Where do good ideas come from?

Steve Johnson's Blog

Educatout - for parents and Early Ed

LE CYBER MAGAZINE de la famille et de la petite enfance

A weekly online magazine for parents and early educators.
"Activités et jeux éducatifs avec fiches imprimables, formations et ressources pédagogiques pour éducateurs et parents. Educatout est une équipe de plus d'une trentaine de concepteurs et agents de soutien qui développe, hebdomadairement, des outils pour accompagner les parents, les éducatrices et autres intervenants dans l'éducation à la petite enfance."

Chansons et vidéos


Buying resources in French?

FPFCB - Ressources en français

The "Fédération des parents francophones de la Colombie-Britannique" has put together a list of vendors that sell books, games and other resources for French speaking students of all ages.


Les fiches d’activités de GRANDIR CB

GRANDIR CB - pour la petite enfance

Ces liens visent les jeunes de la petite enfance, mais offrent des activités qui pourraient être adaptées pour la maternelle, surtout en ce qui concerne le développement de la communication orale.
"GRANDIR CB appuie les professionnels de la petite enfance en offrant des possibilités de perfectionnement professionnels et en fournissant des ressources complètes, dont des fiches d'activités qui intègrent les éléments conceptuels suivants : grandir, raconter, apprendre, nourrir, découvrir, imaginer et rire."



Supporting Children's Learning - iTunesU course

Supporting children's learning in the early years - by The Open University

"How do young children learn, and how can adults help them? This album looks at how nursery teachers support children in their development. We follow a practitioner's day, looking at how she works with children, observes and plans for further activities while she also records her thoughts and ideas using a video camera. Further video tracks reveal how creativity is nurtured in young children to develop their abilities. This material forms part of the Open University course E124 Supporting children's learning in the early years."


BCTLA 2011 materials online

Reaching Out...Conference Presentations Online
2011 BCTLA Provincial Conference
October 20-22, 2011 - Burnaby, BC

Missed the conference? or one of the presenters?
View handouts and other materials at this site. (more being added daily!)


BookTrailers for All - updated

Lots of new content on BTFA. Take a look!

"The site was created as a way for people to share their self-created book trailers.  All trailers shared with BTFA are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)  What does this mean, exactly?  It means you are free to show, download, and share these trailers, as long as they are not modified, and attribution to the creator is given.  Most trailers were created by teachers, students or librarians, but a few of the trailers were created by publishers, or authors.  The most important thing to note is that all of them are here for you to use, so feel free! "

How to get your kid to be a fanatic reader

James Patterson on Reading

James Patterson writes about how to motivate kids, especially boys, to become fanatic readers. (His most recent book, "Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life" is a No. 1 New York Times and No. 1 Indiebound best-seller. He is also the author of the award-winning "Maximum Ride," "Daniel X," and "Witch & Wizard" young adult series, and is the 2010 Children's Choice Book Awards author of the year. In 2008, Patterson created, a site dedicated to helping parents find books that will get their kids reading.)


FREE eBook: School Libraries: What's Now, What's Next, What's Yet to Come

School Libraries: What's Now, What's Next, What's Yet to Come

A crowd-sourced collection of over 100 essays from around the world about trends in school libraries written by librarians, teachers, publishers, and library vendors.

"We hope you will enjoy downloading and reading these diverse perspectives on where school libraries are and what school librarians are doing to redefine, stretch, and expand traditional services. Please feel free to share this link with your colleagues, administrators, professional and union organizations, Board of Education members, and more. Help us spread the word and build the conversation about the possibilities of school libraries!

Available for free download in three formats: PDF for those who want to read it on a desktop or laptop, .mobi for those who want to read it on Kindle software or a Kindle device, .epub for those who would like to read it on Adobe Digital Editions software, iBooks, Sony Reader, the Bluefire Reader app, Nook, and most other eReaders."


Animation of Mars landing

"Curiosity Rover" Trailer
This animation shows key events of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission Curiosity rover, which will launch in late 2011 and land on Mars in August 2012.
Gallery includes other animations and slideshows.