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YA Smackdown – Pro-D for Secondary TLs

Networking with other TLs

Teen Services Underground has this great idea for TLs who work with teens. The "Smackdown" is a fun truth-or-dare type activity that prompts participants to share ideas, give opinions and tell stories about their work with teens. It might be fun as an icebreaker or opening session on a Pro-D day for secondary TLs.

"YA Smackdown is a grassroots meet-up and idea generation tool for anyone providing library services to teens. Participants pass a cup or hat or receptacle of some sort, and pull out different challenges related to teen services.It is fun, informal, and a clear ripoff not at all reminiscent of the fantastic Guerrilla Storytime."



Boston Children’s Museum Lunch & Learn, Dr. Robert Brooks

On being resilient

Listen to Dr Robert Brooks as he talks about the key ingredients students need in order to be resilient:
1. Connection. The need to belong,feel welcome & connected
2. Control. The need for self-determination & autonomy
3. Contribution. Making a difference in the lives of others 
4. Competence. Areas of strength

We can do so much in our work in libraries to give students opportunities to find these four Cs. Think about your library page program, or how we encourage kids to pick books, or setting up buddy reading, or the many other options we provide.