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Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools - A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland

 A blueprint for future development and vision for school libraries

Take a look at this comprehensive 5 year plan for school libraries in Scotland...

"My school library helps me at all levels of my education. I can take part in lots of activities at the library. The librarian helps me with literacy and numeracy at school, and can access books and resources for me that are relevant to my interests. I can read, create, relax and socialise in my library. It is inspected with the rest of the school, which means I can give feedback about my experience of the library. My school library also gives me access to WiFi so that I can try out digital learning and STEM activities, developing my digital and information literacy and my employability skills. My librarian arranges visits from organisations and authors to the school and to other libraries. My library is a trusted space in the school where I feel safe and welcome."



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