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Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre - Educational Materials

SLCC Cultural Centre
A link to the SLCC website - resources for teachers:

The Cultural Journey audio tour:




K-12 School Library Printables

Customizable posters, fliers and bookmarks
Check out this ProQuest offer. See below for a series of posters (Middle School, High School) as well as templates for fliers and bookmarks that can be customized with your school name and URL. Open the PDF of your choice, type into the customizable fields and print (or print to the desktop). If you have a colour printer, you can easily dress up your library! A trip to Kinko's with the files saved on a memory stick will let you print in a variety of sizes and paper types.

  • Bookmarks

  • Poster & Fliers
  • Middle School
  • High School

Videos About iPads In The Classroom

From tutorials to recommended apps
Jeff Dunn has sifted through Youtube and lined up a batch of helpful videos for teacher iPad users. Each video has a short description so you can decide which ones to watch first!

From tutorials to recommending apps, there are a bunch of videos designed to help teachers, students, and admins alike. What follows below are the actual videos along with a brief description. Hopefully they'll help you successfully integrate iPads into education or perhaps just learn a bit more about what Steve Jobs dubbed the "magical" device. Enjoy!


Teacher Librarians on the PBL team

The school librarian ia a key player!
Suzie Boss blogs about the need to include the Teacher-Librarian in project-based learning teams:

"Visit schools where project-based learning (PBL) is taking hold and you are almost certain to see teachers collaborating. .... A key player to invite into these collaborative conversations is the school librarian or library media specialist. Their understanding of information literacy and digital citizenship can make a difference across the arc of projects. What's more, librarians may know about students' out-of-class interests through their reading choices or online interests. Take advantage of their insights to plan more engaging projects.

More PBL posts here:



Engineering is Elementary | Developed by the Museum of Science, Boston

Engaging engineering challenges
"Engineering is Elementary increases students' interest in and confidence about engineering. EiE's 20 units present fun, engaging engineering challenges that allow students to apply science knowledge. We put the "E" in STEM education."


Tumble Videos

Looking for non-fiction video?

Search your Tumblebook collection to find selected video clips on a range of non-fiction topics. You can get the URL by choosing "Show Toolbar" once the movie loads. Most clips are quite short, but would make a nice intro to a topic in class.

The iPad version of the picture books are also short videos. When you first visit the TB site, choose "Mobile" from the upper right and hit go. Then you'll get all the iPad-ready (movies) books that you could project and "play".


Awful Library Books - A look at weeding

"Hoarding is not collection development"
Daily posts feature questionable titles found in actual (public) libraries. Good for a head shake and a sometimes horrified chuckle.

"Librarians, bibliophiles, and lovers of nostalgia are all welcome here. Your librarians for this site are Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner. We are public librarians in Michigan. We have both been holding court at various reference desks for over ten years and love talking about library collections and library service. We also regularly present and consult on various library topics."