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The Secret Book Society

Read, and then talk about books!
Cathlin Shahriary, a fourth grade dual language teacher in Lewisville, Texas, created a "secret book society" to generate some excitement around reading at her school:

"I decided to make my book club a secret book club (like fight club but instead of fighting, we read and talk about books). First, I set up guidelines for the secret book club. Ideally, I wanted to use books that I had already read so I could discuss them with the students. ...I started by drafting a letter ... stating that I had selected the student to be a member of the Secret Book Society and to participate all they had to do was read the book and write me a letter with their thoughts about the book. ...."

Mike Murray is trying a similar activity at his school. Click here for the letter he is planning to use. (You could use it with students or staff, or both!) Here's another version to use.

Batman Returns (his books to the library) Poster

Holy Batbook!

A fun reminder for your tardy types!

Here's another:


ASCD Webinar - Engage Your Students with Real-World Projects

Plan more authentic, relevant learning experiences with PBL
"With careful planning, teachers can design more relevant learning experiences and also address key content. In this webinar, author Suzie Boss will outline strategies to help you plan for more authentic, relevant learning experiences. She'll discuss how to design academically rigorous projects that are ripped from the headlines; why relevance doesn't mean "all about me;" and how to use the 3 A's to guide students toward meaningful action."

Includes webinar transcript and handouts.
See other archived webinars here.


How To Use Infotopia in Just Two Minutes

A quick kid-friendly refresher
"Students will learn how to use the free custom search engine, to find quality research results in just two minutes. Covered: how to do a keyword search, search for exact words or a phrase, and how to browse through the Infotopia topics."

Infotopia, a Google Custom Search Engine, is can be found in each library catalog under the "Visual Tab".


MediaSmarts: Workshop about teens girls & online image

Half Girl, Half Face: A workshop about online image for girls in Grades 7-9
The workshop, which includes peer-led discussions and activities, revolves around the story of a teenage girl whose image has gone viral. As the video's protagonist tries to explain how this experience has affected her, she questions many aspects of social networking that are relevant to teens.


Teacher Read-Aloud That Models Reading for Deep Understanding

Demonstrate the power of stories
Some strategies and grade specific lesson plans to bump up read-alouds to think-alouds.

"Teacher read-alouds demonstrate the power of stories. By showing students the ways that involvement with text engages us, we give them energy for learning how reading works. By showing them how to search for meaning, we introduce strategies of understanding we can reinforce in shared, guided, and independent reading."