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Reading FollettShelf titles

Follett BryteWave options

Accessing your FollettShelf titles is easy using the link on the left-hand side of your Destiny catalog.
Using your school ID and log-in when prompted, you can read FollettShelf titles in your browser window (ie. Firefox, Safari, Chrome.) The eBooks I have purchased are single user titles, but your school may opt to purchase multi-user titles via Titlewave.

If you want an enhanced reading experience, you can use the Brytewave app. There are many versions available for pretty much any device. (Note: the Mac app can be downloaded and run from the Documents folder - it doesn't need to be dragged into the Applications folder.) I will be offering workshops on FollettShelf in the next couple of months with more pointers - stay tuned!


The importance of skepticism in science: Joe Schwarcz

Great science-minded video
Here is an interesting TEDx presentation on the role and mistrust of chemistry in everyday life. Good vid for secondary Chemistry students. Joe Schwarcz, who works on educating the public about science, discusses the importance of skepticism in science. He has written a number of great titles on this topic.


The Media as Portrayed in Movies: A Popular Topic

Analyzing the Media Through Docudramas
"Do your students know that when they watch docudramas, they're not watching history as it actually happened? Do they understand the "artistic license" that movie makers utilize when they contract to take an historical event and condense it into a two-hour film? [...] For every film that is released "based on true events" there are plenty of legitimate news stories, blog posts, or social media postings that attempt to pull back the curtain on what the filmmakers got right and what they might have altered and why. [...] Challenge your students to find news sources that are pulling back the curtain on the current crop of docudramas."


Making Nonfiction from Scratch - preview book

Create delicious nonfiction full of passion, voice, and insight
"Do you have students whose nonfiction writing is formulaic, devoid of energy and voice? In Making Nonfiction from Scratch bestselling PD and children's book author Ralph Fletcher offers a candid critique of how nonfiction writing is often taught in schools and gives teachers the inspiration and strategies they need to help their students write authentic nonfiction."

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