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Hockey History site

Hockey for Kids/ Regard sur le hockey
If you haven't seen this, it's a great collection of history and stories about our national obsession!
(in both official languages)

Notebook Connections: Strategies for the Reader's Notebook

Notebook Connections: Strategies for the Reader's Notebook
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Notebook Connections leads teachers through the process of launching, developing, and fine-tuning a reader's notebook program. Teacher-guided lessons in every chapter help students create anchor texts for their notebooks using various comprehension and writing strategies. As students become more proficient, they grow more independent in their thinking and responses and will begin to select the strategies that work best for them. In the process, the notebook becomes a bridge that helps students make connections between ideas, texts, strategies, and their work as readers and writers.

Notebook Connections, filled with lesson ideas and assessment tips, provides a comprehensive model for making reader's notebooks the centerpiece of your reading workshop.

Book Trailer

I don't know how you would use it, but it's very well-done!

Cheeck out this "trailer" for the book "Going West" by Maurice Gee.

(Note: there are other odd, unrelated animations in the playlist that comes up at the end of the clip.)

Nunavut, terre de défis

Clips from Radio-Canada (Fr) re: the creation of Nunavut
Nunavut, terre de défis
in English...
Creation of Nunavut


Funny Animations for teaching the research process

Some amusing interactive animations on the research process.


Conferring - The Keystone of Reader's Workshop (Read on-line)

The Keystone of Reader's Workshop
(Read on-line)

In professional workshops with teachers over the years, Patrick Allen has encountered a list of "counterfeit beliefs" about the process of conferring with readers, including such comments as: "I don't have time, I don't know what questions to ask, It's too hard, I don't know what to write in my notes, I don't even take notes, I don't know how to go deep. . . ." In Conferring: The Keystone of Reader's Workshop, Patrick maintains that the benefits of conferring are worth the effort of learning to do it well. Then he sets out to reveal how teachers can overcome their perceived obstacles and make the somewhat intangible aspect of conferring with readers tangible.

Metaphors & Analogies (Read the entire book on-line)

Metaphors & Analogies
(Read the entire book on-line)
Power Tools for Teaching Any Subject

Metaphors and analogies are more than figurative language suitable only for English classes and standardized test questions. They are “power tools” that can electrify learning in every subject and at all grade levels. Metaphors show students how to make connections between the concrete and the abstract, prior knowledge and unfamiliar concepts, and language and image.

Rock cycle -Gr 7- some links to pass along.

Rocks and soils.
A complete unit of work that includes a pre-test and online lessons that utilize Learning Objects as a means of facilitating the understanding of content.

Geological Survey of Canada (Location of different kinds of rocks in Vancouver and BC)

Great rock cycle animations.

Interactive Rock Cycle Animation

Flash animation of 3 kinds of rocks

Identify elements of the Rock cycle: drag and drop descriptions

Rock Identification slide show (images and descriptions

Moh's hardness scale (description and pictures)

Determine the ID of your rock with this quick test:

Minerals A-Z (images of various minerals)

Make "igneous rock" with rice krispies squares and extras

NSTA Lesson plans and science links

For Science teachers
The NSTA's website has some good links to science lessons on a variety of topics.

Blick on Flicks
Prof. Blickenstaff helps turn "bad science" into teachable science for middle level and high school students.

Forensics in the Classroon

Episode 43 – Mythbusters’ Adam Savage

NOVA  The Pluto Files


Using Digital Riches to Enhance Learning

Beauty and the Beast: Using Digital Riches to Enhance Learning
By Jamie McKenzie, ©2010

Digital resources can be a blessing to both teachers and students, bringing a richness to learning that is dramatically different from what was available to schools four decades ago. At the same time, the shift of popular culture to embrace such digital possibilities often entails risks, difficulties and liabilities that usually go unmentioned by cheerleaders and digital promoters. This article takes a more balanced perspective, celebrating the benefits while identifying those risks.


Dewey Need to Get Organized?

I came across these articles on time management for TLs.
(We also have the author's book at DRC: Dewey need to get organized? : a time management and organization guide for school librarians   ISL 640.43 FOU    Foust, J'aime L.  2002)

Dewey Need to Get Organized?
Focuses on time management and organization. Exercise for assessing what things are wanted to be done and what is thought of being done; Creation of the master list; Setting of priorities; Finding a daily planner that works.

Part I: Book Report; Sep/Oct2000, Vol. 19 Issue 2, p20, 4p

Part II: Book Report; Nov/Dec2000, Vol. 19 Issue 3, p23, 4p


Teaching Guides for ACF films

ACF is offering free teaching guides on their website for many of the films they represent. (There are also links to subscription lesson plans as well.)

"In an effort to increase the educational value of the films we exclusively represent, we have created a new section called “Teaching with Movies” on our web site. In this section (left side of menu), we have listed/linked numerous PDF teaching guides for hundreds of movies we exclusive represent. The majority of these guides of FREE OF CHARGE, but some require an annual membership."


A timely article from Jamie McKenzie

Why We Still Need Libraries and Librarians
By Jamie McKenzie, ©2010,

"Given the literacy and comprehension challenges facing schools in this decade — especially those presented by the new information landscape — we need libraries and librarians now more than ever."


Mac Keyboard Short cuts

Ever wonder what a particular keyboard short cut is on the Mac?
Here's a handy summary of all of OS shortcuts.