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How To Start A No-Stress Book Club At School

"it requires almost no planning on my part!"

Leigh gives some suggestions for a no stress book club:

"Do you have a book club in your library? You probably do, and if you don't, maybe this post will inspire you to start one. I've done many book clubs over the years, for students and for teachers and sometimes for both together. This post is about problems I've encountered with running book clubs and how I've resolved those issues with the No-Stress Book Club. In my mind, the "No-Stress" part really means no-stress for me, but don't tell the students that! It's no-stress for them as well. Win-win!"



Getting Graphic with the Past - Canada's History

Explore the structure of the Graphic History Collective
"With a focus on historical comics, the Graphic History Collective contributes to this growing field through collaborations with academics, activists, educators, and artists. This webinar explores the structure of the Graphic History Collective, lessons learned through our work together, and tips for those looking to create their own projects or bring comics to the classroom."


2018 Picture Book Readalouds

Books for the "small fry"

Elizabeth Bird writes:

"Some of these are books that I find readaloud worthy, and some of these are from the librarians in my location that assure me that these books are the tippy top of the pops with the small fry. Feel free to add some additional suggestions in the comments of books that we might have missed."



Literacy "Place" signs

"Oh the places you'll go!"

Dress up your library space by creating a signpost that features iconic places in kid/tween/teen lit. For added fun, you can switch out the place names over the course of the year to see which students notice. This Pinterest board has lots of ideas and styles to pick from.



Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools - A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland

 A blueprint for future development and vision for school libraries

Take a look at this comprehensive 5 year plan for school libraries in Scotland...

"My school library helps me at all levels of my education. I can take part in lots of activities at the library. The librarian helps me with literacy and numeracy at school, and can access books and resources for me that are relevant to my interests. I can read, create, relax and socialise in my library. It is inspected with the rest of the school, which means I can give feedback about my experience of the library. My school library also gives me access to WiFi so that I can try out digital learning and STEM activities, developing my digital and information literacy and my employability skills. My librarian arranges visits from organisations and authors to the school and to other libraries. My library is a trusted space in the school where I feel safe and welcome."



Blank T-Shirt - Imgflip

Memes and more
Use the meme generator at imgflip to create fun graphics for your library wall, website or to post aroung your Learning Commons.



Science Says This Is the Simplest Way to Remember More of What You Read

"...when you give yourself a few minutes to rest and think about what you just ingested from the page, you're allowing your brain to better connect the new information to what you've already done or understand. And because the brain is wired to respond to emotions quickly and efficiently, connecting them to memory formation and the interpretation of facts and rational thought, if you can allow yourself to really acknowledge and respond to what you feel during your reading reflections, you stand a better chance of the new memories being more powerful and easier to retrieve."



Advocate This, Not That!

A big-picture view of our library work system

Jonathan Hunt offers an important context for the various contributions TLs can make to the educational system: 
"In my role as lead coordinator of library media services at the San Diego County Office of Education, I regularly work with schools and districts to improve their services. In California, County Offices of Education are an intermediary level between the California Department of Education and local school districts, providing support and oversight. My work has given me a big-picture view of our educational system. It has also helped me realize that we need to reframe key school library elements to bring into better focus our meaningful contributions to four important system-level priorities...."

Read the entire article for excellent food-for-thought.



ZoteroBib - Cite anything!

Seamlessly produce perfect bibliographies

Tired of the ads on all the other free bibliography generators? Try zbib. ZoteroBib helps you build a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software. Seamlessly add sources and produce perfect bibliographies.


Interview with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia and the search for trusted information

Jimmy Wales offers some good support for the work that school librarians do as they work with students.

"Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales talks exclusively to IP's Rob Green about the search for trusted information and the role of libraries and librarians in the face of the rise of fake news, clickbait and the erosion of trust in news and information sources."


Creating a Culture of Reading Virtually

Revisiting Skype

 about Kristen's experience leveraging the power of Skype to re-energize her library program. Using Twitter, she reached out to authors and recruited them to speak to her students. And the effects spilled over into other areas as well.

The result can only be described as library magic—engaged middle schoolers meeting authors, illustrators, graphic designers, curators, scientists, park rangers, and multiple others—building upon their previous knowledge, and asking questions. What happened at Baker Middle School in Tacoma, WA, can easily be replicated; success using Skype can happen anywhere. Here's how we got started in our school, and a few tips to get in going in yours.



Want Your Books To Fly Off the Shelves?

​Ideas for a ​"Circulation Surge"

Lots of great ideas from school library leaders! Read on...

To boost circulation, of course, you need to get more kids excited about reading. We asked K–12 and public librarians from around the country to share their strategies—from genrefying and weeding to broadcasting booktalks and playing up themed-reading weeks.


100 THINGS kids will miss ...

​...if they don't have a TL in their school​.

​o, what kinds of things will kids miss if there's no TL? This poster gives a (not necessarily) exhaustive list!​
  • ​borrow tech
  • learn to search
  • a place to learn
  • feed your imagination
  • speakers, authors, illustrators
  • eReaders
  • one-on-one help
and so much more...​

​Check out the full PDF-printable version here:​



The Launch Cycle

Bring Out the Maker in Every Student

Something to investigate!
The LAUNCH Cycle provides a creative process that can be incorporated into every class at every grade level … even if you don't consider yourself a "creative teacher." And if you dare to innovate and view creativity as an essential skill, you will empower your students to change the world—starting right now


YAACING summer2018

​igital Mag for Youth Librarians​

YAACS is the Young Adults and Children's Services section of the British Columbia Library Association and YAACING is
 quarterly newsletter for BC children's and teen services librarians



Hey, I Built a LEGO Wall! Here’s How.

, brightly
​ ​
 maker space

This project was a blessing. It allowed me to connect with other media specialists, it provided my students and staff with a chance to show their altruistic selves, and our school now has a the beginnings of a cool, brightly-colored maker space area in our media center. In fact, I plan to build another LEGO wall. My advice if you're still on the fence: Just Do It!



How to Engage Reluctant Teen Readers - webinar

​ project in two classrooms

 did a neat thing and gave a bunch of books
​ ​
​(50+ titles) ​
to some teens who hate reading... Watch this webinar to find out what happened!



Digital Literacy 101

​Teaching students digital literacy skills


While MediaSmarts' research shows that teachers place considerable importance on teaching their students digital literacy skills such as authenticating information, managing privacy, addressing cyberbullying, and being safe online, evidence suggests this is not reflected in Canadian classrooms. The intent of these resources is to support teachers in implementing digital literacy into their teaching practice and to help them to develop digital literacy lessons and activities that suit their students' needs.



A Kid's Book A Day

Reviewing a children's book from 2018 every day

Discover new titles for your library.

We're lucky to live in a world where fantastic children's books are published every week.  Every day I review a book published this year.  Although I may mention things about books that I don't like ("Cons"), I only choose books for which I feel I can give a mostly positive review
​. ​
I try to find books that would appeal to kids and/or fit in well with the elementary school curriculum.  All books come from my local public library, and I do not benefit in any way from my reviews (except for the warm, fuzzy feeling of sharing good books with readers)​.


How and Why We Read: Crash Course English Literature

 is about effectively communicating

John Green kicks off the Crash Course Literature mini series with a reasonable set of questions. Why do we read? What's the point of reading critically. John will argue that reading is about effectively communicating with other people. Unlike a direct communication though, the writer has to communicate with a stranger, through time and space, with only "dry dead words on a page." 


Amazing Works Of Art Made From Books

​Books transformed​

​What to do with those deselected books?​ These images show how an artistic mind can turn those "MUSTY" tomes into eye catching creations.



Infoquete logo

Logo pour la recherche personalisée


Serendipity 2018 - Vancouver Children's Literature Roundtable

Beasts, birds, and words: The poetics of children's books

​Image source: ​

The Vancouver Children's Literature Roundtable invites you to
​ ​c
 hear Isabelle Arsenault,  Robert Heidbreder, Kyo Maclear, Tiffany Stone, and Frédéric Gauthier of Les Éditions de la Pastèque talk about their works, their inspiration, and the Canadian children's book publishing space.
Mar. 3, 2018 | 8am to 3:30 pm | UBC Robson Square
Early bird rates end February 14, 2018 | 
Final ticket sales close February 28, 2018
Includes: Coffee, snacks, lunch, book sales, and book signing. Register here.



Reading, Eye Movement, and the Brain

​t's more brain than print!

​How does reading actually work? In t
his 4-minute mini-lecture
Dr. Andy Johnso
​n (​
Reading Specialist
describes how the brain creates meaning from print and eye movement during the reading process.

​is point about how the brain (cortex) is much more actively contributing to the reading process than just a simple act of processing letters is a reminder to teachers and teacher-librarians about the importance of building context for beginning readers.



Stay Up to Speed with "Best of 2017" Lists

NoveList's Best of 2017 lists

This newsletter 
PDF posters that you can print and display for your students.​
Six posters in all
​ - fic and non-fic)​

That's where NoveList's Best of 2017 lists come in: each one offers a chance to look back on the books that your students loved and (hopefully) discover something new. Lovingly curated by the children's librarians and catalogers of NoveList, these "Besties" feature books that are high quality, bursting with kid appeal, or notably exceptional – which means there's something for every reader.