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Egyptian artifacts in 3D

3D images of objects in the Petrie collection
"The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology at UCL, in collaboration with UCL's Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering and business partner Arius 3D, has developed a groundbreaking programme for creating 3D images of objects in the Petrie collection."

View fascinating closeups of Egyptian antiquities, rotate them in space, zoom in and out. Amazing images! (Use Firefox for best results.)


A NoveList Readers’ Advisory-fest, John Green Style

Find those "Green-alike" titles

"Are you excited about the TFioS movie release in June? Do you need some awesome reading suggestions for the summer? Not to worry. Your friends at NoveList offer this video readers' advisory-fest, John Green style, to help you get ready. NoveList staff members Kathy Stewart, Autumn Winters, Rebecca Honeycutt, and Amy Morgan created this John Green-style video with help from our friends at the Chapel Hill Public Library and their awesome Digital Media Lab."


"What to read next" poster idea

Point them to other great reads
Using recommendations from the NoveList (EBSCO) database, you can create mini-posters to capitalize on the appeal of popular titles. Word or Powerpoint will let you "whip up" a poster in no time - if you have access to Comic Life, this will work too! You can also use NoteBook (for the Smart Board) in the same way, and easily insert yourself or another teacher using the Set Transparency feature.


Spring YAACING magazine

Read up on fantastic programs for teens and children

Internet finds, Teen summer reading program, Indigenous picture books, book reviews and more.

"YAACS (Young Adults and Children's Services) is a section of the British Columbia Library Association. Founded in 1980, our members include librarians, teacher-librarians and other library workers interested in services to youth in British Columbia. Our purpose is to promote the exchange of ideas among library personnel who work with Children and Young Adults."

As a PDF download:



PDF textbooks for Grade 12 courses?

Free.  Open-source.  Peer-reviewed.

A solution to the high cost of senior course textbooks? Some of these may be a perfect fit for Grade 12 level high school courses

"Our textbooks are professionally produced but come with a nonprofessional price tag: $0.00. That's right, online editions are free, and printed copies just cover our costs to produce them. ...Take a look at one of our textbooks. Download the full version, for free, forever. If you like what you see, let your friends know how they, too, can get a great textbook for an unheard-of price."



First Nations Peoples of British Columbia - Map

The rich diversity of the First Nations Peoples of BC
"This map is designed to illustrate the rich diversity of the First Nations Peoples of British Columbia. Like all maps, it is a rendition - a best attempt at reflecting a current reality, recognizing that "the map is not the territory"... The boundaries between territories are deliberately shown as blending into one another, in recognition of the complex territorial relationships involved."

Map is downloadable.

This site also lists names of the First Nations Peoples of BC as they are generally known today (with a phonetic guide to common pronunciation), and a reference to names they were given by explorers to the regions.


The Scale of the Universe

Where do we fit relative to everything else?
The Scale of the Universe is a Flash animation by Cary & Michael Huang. This site offers an interactive version of the classic video Powers of Ten, and opens a window to the known scales of our universe. Move the scroll bar across the bottom to explore a range of sizes. Click on different items to bring up descriptive information. Well worth exploring with your class!

See also:


What To Do About That Reference Collection

Buy eBooks or pBooks?
A recent post at the Mackin blog offers 3 criteria for choosing a pBook over an eBook for reference purposes:

"Most school library media specialists are well along the path of developing a blended and balanced print/electronic collection. However, challenges remain when determining which format to choose to best serve our students. This can be particularly vexing in the reference area, where materials are often quite pricey.   And, in this era when students expect 24/7 access to materials, what is the point of the traditional reference collection anyway?"


Video: School Librarians are the Heart of the School

Getting the word out about what TLs do
"Principals Know: School Librarians are the Heart of the School" was crowdsourced by Dr. Judi Moreillon and Dr. Teresa Starrett using funds provided by the Texas Library Association, Demco, and the Dean's Research Funds (College of Professional Education, Texas Woman's University).

It's encouraging to see a video where other educational partners recognize the value that a teacher-librarian adds to the learning in a school. Let's ensure our stakeholders know what we're up to!