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Stagecraft explained

Love Letter to Plywood. By Tom Sachs

For students of Stagecraft everywhere, who use plywood all the time!



How to Identify Mysterious Images Online

Where exactly did that image come from...?

"Can't figure out the source of an image you found online? There's an easy trick you might not know about — and it's an essential tool for citing sources. Students who find images they want to use in projects need to follow the appropriate rules of citation: state the title and the original source. But with so much misinformation and mis-attribution online, students might either change the research topic to avoid the problem altogether or simply cite the source poorly."

Read this article to find out how to use the powerful search feature in Google Images to track down the original source of an image your students are using in a project or presentation.


"Why can't I just Google?" - YouTube

LA TROBE University Library video

"Information is everywhere! It's just so easy to Google and use something that looks relevant... so why can't you just Google?"

Aimed at university students, but can be useful for the high school level. Worth watching with students and discussing the points. (3 mins.)


Celebrate National Aboriginal Day

Gateways 2 Learning
Canada's First Peoples: a cultural appreciation

Explore this collection of weblinks, media, classroom activities, VC events, and Web 2.0 tools celebrating National Aboriginal Day.

Additional links on a range of FN topics:


Ebooks: We're talkin' 'bout a revolution

the New Reading and the New Reader:

From Jamie McKenzie's new book: (Follow the link to see preview pages on this interesting topic.)

"The eBook has come of age and promises to change reading as we have known it — for the good. The shift is not a minor one. For a number of reasons, the reading of both fiction and non-fiction will be enhanced dramatically by the interactive nature of the eBook — expecially those created with software like Apple's new iBooks Author. As the availability of iPad type devices and iBooks increases in the world outside of schools, more and more reading will take place on screens, and school reading programs must shift to take advantage of the features offered."



"ComicLife-like" Panel Generator

"SuperLame" Word Balloon Engine

Use this online tool at to create single cartoon panels in a "Comic Life" style. Upload pictures, add speech balloons and apply effects. Individual panels can be downloaded and assembled on a Word page to create a simple comic.


Canadian Olympic Athletes

"Give Your Everything"

"As we head into the final 80 days to the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Canadian Olympic Team will launch a dynamic new brand campaign celebrating Canada's outstanding Olympic hopefuls as they prepare to compete for Canada in London 2012. Follow their journey online at ."

Also available in French


Library ideas on pinterest

See what TLs are "pinning"

A number of TLs are using Pinterest to capture library ideas for others. (Thanks Janice.) This platform is a friednly, visually interesting way to collect and curate ideas, images and brainwaves.