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Understanding the concept of tolerance - Gr 2+

A teacher's Guide for:
Feathers and Fools by Mem Fox, Nicholas Wilton illustrator (2000).

"Feathers and Fools" is a beautifully illustrated and thought provoking  story that tells what happens when a group of peacocks and swans are  afraid of each other because of their differences.  Use the accompanying activities to help children understand the concept of tolerance and the responsibility to take action in the face of intolerance. "


An Amazing Look at Solar Flares - Video via Smithsonian Magazine

Solar Flares - Images and Commentary

New telescopes have given scientists unprecedented views of the Sun, helping them to better understand solar activity (01:33)



Butterfly and Bird Guide

View beautiful images of a variety of birds and butteflies

Wonderful, striking images. Great for science or Fine Arts units.