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A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

An interesting way to think about Graphic organizers

This interactive "periodic table" attempts to categorize graphic organizers by function. At the very least, it gives the viewer a taste of the many ways students can represent their thinking. Mouse over each of the "elements" to view the graphic,

From "Visual Literacy Org",

Story Corps - sharing stories

StoryCorps - Every voice matters
"StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives."

Animated shorts set to real-life audio interviews

No More Questions!
Kay Wang was a strong-willed grandmother who was reluctantly taken to a StoryCorps booth by her son and granddaughter. Though Kay resisted, she still had stories to tell—from disobeying her mother and rebuffing suitors while growing up in China to late-life adventures as a detective for Bloomingdale’s department store. Kay passed away just weeks after that interview, and her son and granddaughter returned to StoryCorps to remember her gentler side, which she kept to herself.


Walter Dean Myers speaks about illiteracy - NPR

A Writer And His Father, And 'A Barrier Between Us'
Walter Dean Myers grew up in Harlem, the son of a janitor. He became an author, writing young adult fiction that's especially popular with teenage readers. But as he tells his son, Christopher, there was one person Myers always wanted his writing to impress: his dad.


Learning Without Frontiers - video series

LWF Festival of Learning & Technology
LWF Channel:

A number of literacy and learning topics, for example:
"William Rankin, Director of Educational Innovation and Associate Professor of English, Abilene Christian University presents at the LWF Festival of Learning & Technology discussing the campus wide deployment of iPads and mobile devices within the university. London, January 10th 2011"

For W. Rankin's presentation:

2 stories in French - text and audio

French children's stories
"We've taken some well-known children's stories and translated them into French. Great for kids... and adults too!"

"Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?" - Preview online

Reenergize your writing instruction
Use technology to reenergize your writing instruction with "Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?" Classroom teacher Julie Ramsay helps you advance from simple word processing and publishing tools to digital storytelling, distance learning, interactive editing, and revamped rubrics as you weave technology into writing standards. (Gr 3-8)  Preview the entire book online!

DLTK stories and crafts

Stories and Activities

This great site has childrens' stories and rhymes (some include an audio track) as well as crafts for each story -  perfect for the primary classroom!

Here's the page for Little Red Riding Hood

The Magazine Project: Making the Writing Process Real

Student Magazine Creation - Writing with purpose

"As I thought about how to help students meet writing goals, I realized that creating magazines on their favorite topics could help them master many of the language arts standards I was responsible for teaching. Students tend to be more engaged when they can make choices about their activities. In addition, a yearlong project with a final product can help students take a real sense of ownership of their work, which amps up their commitment to excellent writing. Finally, these authentic writing samples offer a terrific basis for assessing students' progress toward the language arts standards throughout the year."


Reviews of the new Kobo reader

Kobo has a great new version!
Reviews here.

eBooks and eReaders in Public and Academic Libraries

The Challenge of eBooks in Libraries

"In a partnership between Colorado State University and Poudre River Public Library District, Director Patrick Burns of CSU and Poudre Libraries Executive Director Holly Carroll formed a team to look at the current state of the eBook and eReader Market and make recommendations for next steps for each institutions."



Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults - online

JRLYA is now available

"JRLYA promotes and publishes high quality original research concerning the informational and developmental needs of young adults; the management, implementation, and evaluation of library services for young adults; and other critical issues relevant to librarians who work with young adults. The journal also includes literary and cultural analysis of classic and contemporary writing for young adults."

Articles in this issue include:
  • Editor's Message from Sandra Hughes-Hassell
  • "More Powerful than a Locomotive: Using Graphic Novels to Motivate Struggling Male Adolescent Readers," by Karen Gavigan
  • "Are All Lists Created Equal? Diversity in Award-Winning and Bestselling Young Adult Fiction," by Casey H. Rawson
  • YALSA Research Committee Poster Session, by Sandra Hughes-Hassell


Booknews - past issues - online

Past Issues Archive - BookNews

"The Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC) is a national, not-for-profit organization, founded in 1976. We are dedicated to encouraging, promoting and supporting the reading, writing, illustrating and publishing of Canadian books for young readers. With book collections and extensive resources in five cities across Canada, the CCBC is a treasure-trove for anyone interested in Canadian books for young readers. Our programs, publications, and resources help teachers, librarians, booksellers and parents select the very best for young readers"


New York City K-12 Information Fluency standards

See what other jurisdictions are doing with Info Lit /Info Fluency

Click [here] to access a PDF of the "New York City K-12 Information Fluency" standards and benchmarks outlining the major skills addressed at each grade level.

Also, some resources to support librarians:

"This summer, any book is worth reading "

ASCD Blog - This summer, any book is worth reading

"Can a year in a free book program -- one that allows students to choose their own reading -- support the same rate of literacy growth as a year of summer school? New research from the University of Tennessee suggests that's the case, and shows that access to high-interest reading can have a significant effect on closing the summer reading gap for low-income students."

Using Google Maps in Instruction

Google Maps for Research
Recording date:         Wednesday, April 13, 2011 2:45 pm  
Duration:        1 hour 40 minutes
(NB. You will need to provide a name and email address to view the webinar.)
"You know you can use Google Maps to zero in on your destination. But did you know that you can search by latitude and longitude, recreate the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and use Street View to take a walk through Times Square? In this webinar, we’ll cover the basics of Google Maps, from finding a place to finding your way. We'll also discuss cool tricks and little-known features that will have you creating and editing maps of your own!"

Hamlet excerpts - UK National Theatre - video podcasts

The National Theatre - Hamlet
(go to link and view in iTunes)
"Hamlet is one of the most performed, filmed and reinterpreted plays ever written. The Hamlet collection includes interviews with the artists from Nicholas Hytner's 2010 production, Richard Eyre discussing his vision of Elsinore, a background pack to John Caird's 2000 production starring Simon Russell Beale and voice work films that explore key speeches from the play with Jeannette Nelson Head of Voice at the National Theatre."

Brave New World - ebook

Using free eBooks in class
Are you wanting to experiment with eBooks in your senior English class? Some of the "old chestnuts" are available via in a variety of formats.

Here's a link to "Brave New World" from which links to versions that students can read online with a laptop or desktop, or download in a couple of formats suitable for an iTouch, iPad, cellphone or eReader:
  • Read Online
  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • Kindle
  • Full Text


iTunes - Costumes - National Theatre

Britain's National Theatre - Costumes
Video Podcasts (for Theatre, Drama, or Clothing and Textiles students)

View in iTunes:
"Costumes are crucial to any production. They can be sewn from scratch, bought on the high street, or made by altering other clothes. In the National Theatre's costume department, a staff of designers, dyers, tailors and buyers work together to produce outfits for every character in every show."

MacLearning - Videos by Duke University

iTunes U - MacLeaerning Video Series in iTunes

" is a community that promotes effective pedagogical use of Apple and related third-party technologies. Our mission is to encourage innovative education through the open exchange of information, solutions, and ideas."

The most recent video podcast is on iPods in education (View in iTunes)

The connected classroom - Webinar by TL Café

Catapult into the 21st Century and Beyond

"Are you still teaching in isolation or at best parallel to your students’ other teachers? How do you take your lesson plans, connect them to 21st century skills, infuse new litercies and get students motivated and engaged for their present and future? Learn about upgrading lessons and units that extend your classroom to connect to and collaborate with other subject areas, grade levels, peers and experts from around the world."

Archived Webinar Link: (takes a moment to load) /playback.jnlp?psid=2011-05-16.1659.M.30D53F92346350591F6F701822F483.vcr&sid=2008350

Library of Congress - Primary Source Webinars

Online Professional Development - Library of Congress

"On your own for professional development? Take the Library's self-paced interactive modules. Each multimedia-rich program delivers approximately one hour of staff development."

Topics in each session:

  • Introduction to the Library of Congress
  • Supporting Inquiry with Primary Sources
  • Copyright and Primary Sources (American context)
  • Analyzing Primary Sources: Photographs and Prints
  • Analyzing Primary Sources: Maps
  • Finding Primary Sources