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Science et Vie Junior Videos

Science et Vie Junior has a number of its "actualités" videos online.

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Using ezines? here are some French sites

For those looking for some French titles, here are a few to explore.
Pour ceux et celles qui cherchent des titres en français, voici quelques uns à explorer.

Quad9 - Le magazine des ados

Mon mag à Moi

Les débrouillards



Science et Vie Junior


Library Skills Smartboard lesson

Understanding Dewey
"This lesson introduces students to the Dewey Decimal System, helping students to understand how non-fiction books are organized in school and public libraries. Best used by teacher librarians as a part of their orientation."

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Educators - Spark Interest in Voting!

Publications for teachers - to order on-line

Elections Canada - Home Page

17 new CyberSafe videos are now online.

 New CyberSafe with Steve Dotto Videos  
LearnNowBC has updated some of the Facebook videos and also added a few new ones. The new videos focus on social media and provide teachers and parents with a better understanding of what to look for and how to protect children in the digital age.

Here is a complete list:

  • CyberSafe Introduction
  • Talking to your Kids
  • Facebook Overview
  • Facebook Privacy
  • Adding Applications in Facebook
  • Finding Friends on Facebook
  • Facebook Groups and Events
  • Deleting from your Facebook Wall
  • Setting up Facebook Profiles
  • The Benefits of Facebook
  • Creating Lists in Facebook
  • Sharing Photos in Facebook
  • Sexting
  • Smartphones Overview
  • Using Facebook to Communicate
  • Youtube Overview
  • Location-based Services

Compounds, Elements, and Mixtures - Science Scope archives

Articles from the Science Scope Archives: Compound, Elements, and Mixtures
Download in PDF format. (Worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc.)

Science Sampler: The Octet Rules—A Dating Game for Atoms
May 2004
To develop student interest in the periodic table, try incorporating this simple, but fun, role-playing activity that follows a game-show format into your science curriculum. This play is used after students have learned the basic structure of atoms and the general layout of the periodic table. It also comes after students have learned the basics of ionic and covalent bonding. The entire script is included.

Science Sampler: Building Student Mental Constructs of Particle Theory
October 20e.

That Is Not Where That Element Goes… Ah, the Nature of Science
October 2009

Science Sampler: The Element Walk
October 209
“TTried and True: Inquiry-Based Dissolving
October 2009

Using ezines?

Here's a list of some of the more popular emagazine sites. (In most cases, they have extra web-content that works with the print version, but there are often videos and other bonus materials that are fun to explore.  Engaging content, on topics students find interesting, and best of all, the articles are short enough that reading them fits into a class period (unlike a book). Some of the magazines are aimed more at teens, while others work for any age. (Preview them first!)

Time For Kids Online version of the kid's version of Time Magazine with news, specials, homework help and games.
World Magazine The online magazine for National Geographic's Kids is full of fun facts, news, stories and games.
SIKIDS This online version of Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine is crammed full of sports stuff with some cool games on site.
Boys' Life Take a look at this online version of the popular magazine for features, workshops, jokes and games from the Boy Scouts!
Girls' Life  Girls' Life is packed with articles for girls including advice, real life information, celebrity interviews and stories about girls' facing challenges of being a teen.
Yes Mag Online version of this science magazine is filled with fun facts, projects, reviews and all kinds of features.

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Printable Activity Sheets

A collection of downloadable activity sheets on a range of topics and subjects.

Find Resources About:

Grades 3-6(134)
Grades 7-12(42)
Grades Pre-K-2(120)
Graphic Organizers(17)
Language Arts(102)
Reading Comprehension(66)
Social Studies(66)


One Tool at a Time Webinar Series

Here's a place to pick up some tech tips and tricks.
The SIG (Special Interest Group) for Innovative Learning Technology and SIG for Media Specialists have joined forces to provide One Tool at a Time Webinar Series  "One Tool at a Time: Build Your Toolbelt" is a monthly webinar series brought to you by ISTE's SIGMS and SIGILT. Each webinar will last 30 minutes and will focus on a particular tool. Classroom integration strategies will be highlighted. Past webinars are archived on the wikispaces page. This series has just begun, but promises to be a great "tech integration" pro-D opportunity.


Virtual Trips around the World

Founded in 2003 by Jenny M. Buccos, is a nonprofit organization that produces free, online global travel series. Designed for family and classroom, provides students with access to peoples and places they may never have seen or knew existed.

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Reading Power Blackline Masters

Using Reading Power with your students? Take a look at these downloadable "Reading Power" blackline masters for individual teacher use from Adrienne Gear's website.  These are free until January.

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