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Using ezines?

Here's a list of some of the more popular emagazine sites. (In most cases, they have extra web-content that works with the print version, but there are often videos and other bonus materials that are fun to explore.  Engaging content, on topics students find interesting, and best of all, the articles are short enough that reading them fits into a class period (unlike a book). Some of the magazines are aimed more at teens, while others work for any age. (Preview them first!)

Time For Kids Online version of the kid's version of Time Magazine with news, specials, homework help and games.
World Magazine The online magazine for National Geographic's Kids is full of fun facts, news, stories and games.
SIKIDS This online version of Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine is crammed full of sports stuff with some cool games on site.
Boys' Life Take a look at this online version of the popular magazine for features, workshops, jokes and games from the Boy Scouts!
Girls' Life  Girls' Life is packed with articles for girls including advice, real life information, celebrity interviews and stories about girls' facing challenges of being a teen.
Yes Mag Online version of this science magazine is filled with fun facts, projects, reviews and all kinds of features.

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