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Compounds, Elements, and Mixtures - Science Scope archives

Articles from the Science Scope Archives: Compound, Elements, and Mixtures
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Science Sampler: The Octet Rules—A Dating Game for Atoms
May 2004
To develop student interest in the periodic table, try incorporating this simple, but fun, role-playing activity that follows a game-show format into your science curriculum. This play is used after students have learned the basic structure of atoms and the general layout of the periodic table. It also comes after students have learned the basics of ionic and covalent bonding. The entire script is included.

Science Sampler: Building Student Mental Constructs of Particle Theory
October 20e.

That Is Not Where That Element Goes… Ah, the Nature of Science
October 2009

Science Sampler: The Element Walk
October 209
“TTried and True: Inquiry-Based Dissolving
October 2009