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"Content that might be of interest to Teacher-Librarians..."


Great Book review site with discussion questions + extras!

Here's a great site with reviews, discussion questions and extension activities for the titles listed.
Books listed after 2006 come with all these extras.

For example:
The Hunger Games



"Order in the Library" shelving game/tutorial

Here's a simple game/tutorial to illustrate how books are arranged in the library. It might be good for your library helpers.

Vancouver Olympics: Place de la Francophonie

If you are interested in some of the Francophone musicians/groups that will be performing in Vancouver during the weeks around and during the Olympics, check out this link:

On-line book - Metaphors and analogies

New from Rick Wormeli! Metaphors & Analogies gives teachers the tools to create those aha! moments when students suddenly understand a difficult concept-across all content areas and grade levels. It will change the way you design lessons and inspire you to dig deep for the right metaphors to reach all of your students. Preview the entire book online!

Babar ABC book - in French - on-line

A "digital version" of the classic Babar ABC book.
Read through and click on items to see the French word and hear a pronunciation.


"SnowFlake Workshop"

A lovely, whimsical "SnowFlake Workshop"
The graphics are great!

Google Lit Trips

Although Google Lit Trips have been around for a while, I just recently saw a blog post that reminded me how they can bring a novel to life. Here are some links to explore if you are looking at using this yourself, or suggesting it to others.

What is a Google Lit Trip?

Some ready-to-use Trips for grades 6-8

Some Tips for Creating your own.

The Basics for Viewing a Lit-Trip

Cell Size and Scale

Here's a great visual aid for teaching about cells, and for understanding the relative sizes of the parts.

Slowly slide the bar at the bottom of the illustration window.