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Annie's Resource Attic of Teacher Resources

Ann Brundige has collected a range of free and mostly free resources and links on her Wordpress blog. Check out her many "treasures and finds."


The Governor's Letters - Vancouver Island and BC before 1871

Use primary source documents to enliven your Socials or History class.

"The Governor’s Letters website provides learning materials about the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia before the province was created in 1871. We’ve developed some Curriculum Challenges for students and teachers, which are suitable for elementary and secondary school classes."

The Girl Who Hated Books by Jo Meuris - NFB

A nicely done animated version of "The Girl Who Hated Books" on the NFB site. Some of you have this book in your collection.

CBC Archives: Soccer Clips

"It's been called "the beautiful game." Soccer, the most popular sport in the world, draws an unwavering devotion from its fans. Yet soccer as a spectator sport has never quite caught on in Canada, despite growing youth participation rates and a series of professional leagues."


Drop Everything and Read posters

The "2010 Drop Everything and Read" posters are now available on the BCTLA website at

This year, three posters have been created, in English and French, in multiple sizes.  Choose and print posters from the BCTLA website. Join in participating in Drop Everything and Read on October 25, 2010!

Check the site for other Librarian resources as well.


Some ideas for building a "program" for Library

230610_103130_0.pngLesson Plans to complement the Hanover County Library Media Curriculum.

North Carolina Scope & Sequence

Bowen Elementary Lesson Plans

Utah Curriculum Resources

ISAIL Lesson Plan Resources by Grade

Title Lists for Series and Sequels

Are you frustrated when you can't tell which title is the first in a series? The "Mid-Continent Public Library" has a great site that will answer all your questions! (It also tells you if the series is "Juvenile" or YA)


Sample Library Page using Blogger

Sometimes I get asked about Web 2.0 tools that can help with the easy creation of school library pages. I've tried a number of them, but one of the easiest is Blogger.

Here's a sample I created:

Here's one from a school in North Carolina:
Wendell Creative Arts & Science Elementary School Library sports a great logo and an Xtranormal short video introducing the resource centre.

5 practical strategies for solving difficult behavior problems - preview online

230610_20717_0.pngSolving Thorny Behavior Problems:
How Teachers and Students Can Work Together
By Caltha Crowe

"Solving difficult behavior problems with children leads to long-lasting change. Arguing, excluding classmates, forming cliques, "forgetting" to do homework, balking at sharing, refusing to do work—these common but challenging misbehaviors often disrupt learning, frustrate children, and exhaust teachers. Veteran educator Caltha Crowe shares five practical strategies that will help teachers and children solve these problems together. You'll learn to use:
  • Problem-solving conferences
  • Conflict resolution
  • Role-playing
  • Class meetings
  • Individual written agreements"


Storynory - Audio stories

Storynory is an online repository of audio stories. There is a mixture of new stories, fairy tales, and specially adapted myths and histories as well as some verses. (Some Bible stories are included in the "myth" section.)

What the BP oil spill would look like in your area.

Here is a "personal" way to visualize the oil spill.
Help put the size of the BP oil spill into perspective with this site that lets you see it in relation to your own area.  Click on the link, then enter your town and province in the location box at the top of page. You can even 'move' the oil spill around.