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Infographic-style TL poster

The TL Times are Changin'!
Great infographic-style poster by Jennifer LaGarde ( that highlights 6 roles to look for in the librarian-of-today: TLs are teachers, collaborators, problem-solvers, leaders, innovators and learners! (Here's the poster with embedded ThingLink hotspot for more info: )


Library Lovers' Day 2014

How much do you love your library?
Visit the Australian Library and Information Association for some "lovely" ideas for Feb 14. If you scroll down their page, you'll find printables and lots of suggestions you can perhaps use in your own space.

"Forget Valentine's Day, 14 February has been re-named Library Lovers' Day! Take the opportunity to celebrate those who love and support libraries and to remind decision makers how loved and cherished libraries are by the entire community."


Digital learning has changed the potential of school librarians and libraries

TLs are in a unique position to support the integration of tech & learning

Download this PDF which lays out the key role that school librarians and libraries should play in supporting effective use of technology to improve teaching and learning.

"The implementation of digital learning has changed the potential of school librarians and libraries. Many principals and district leaders are utilizing the role of the school librarian and the library and its resources as important elements in the digital learning transition, the systemic approach to integrating the effective use of technology to improve student outcomes. According to Melissa Johnston, "Because of their knowledge of pedagogical principles and curriculum, paired with technology and information expertise, school librarians are in a unique position to serve as leaders and valuable assets through making meaningful contributions toward the integration of technology and learning."


Winter Olympics for Kids - printables

Looking for that printable "extra"?
"The excitement begins again! From 7th-23rd February 2014, Sochi in Russia will play host to the XXII Winter Olympic Games and the XI Paralymic Winter Olympic Games. Here are a range of activities that celebrate Winter Olympic Sports: colouring pages, learn to draw printables, writing pages, posters, videos ... and more."



Animal projects in French?

Looking for "les animaux"?
Here are some French resources to assist students looking for articles and other information on animals. (Particularly Canadian wildlife.)
WB Découvertes: There are some good (but brief) references in WorldBook Découverte. Choose the "Animaux" link and then select the category you want (ie mammifères, or oiseaux, etc.) The "Dictionnaire visuel" section provides labeled diagrams of some animals. [LINK]

TCE (FR): Students can also consult the Canadian Encyclopedia in French (link also in the Visual Tab) Search for Canadian animals by name. If they don't know the French term, simply switch to the English version, put in the name and flip back once you find the article.

Universalis Junior: Immersion schools are subscribed to UJ. (Look in the Visual Tab of your Destiny catalog). Since UJ is associated with Britannica, there is a tab to view an English version of the articles.

Parcs Canada: Features wildlife found in Canada's national parks. [LINK]

Flore et Faune du Pays: Hinterland Who's Who. You'll find in-depth descriptions of wildlife, discussions on issues, actions the public can take to help wildlife, and educational materials that teachers and group leaders can use. [LINK]

Fédération Canadienne de la Faune: Find engaging pictures, stories of wildlife encounters and additional links. [LINK]

La Société géographique royale du Canada: The exhibit features 24 species of Canadian wildlife such as the Pacific salmon, the grizzly bear and the mountain pine beetle. Photographs give clear visuals of the organisms and descriptions of their biology, habitat, behaviour and range round out a comprehensive overview of each one. [LINK]


TCE - The Canadian Encyclopedia Updated

New features and updated website design!

Find it in the "Visual Tab" in Destiny.
(Elementary schools look under the "Other online databases" icon)

"The Encyclopedia contains more than 30,000 multimedia items including images, maps, games, audio and video. ... The new interactive features include curated content exhibits, interactive timelines, immediate updates of important events and a user-generated content map that invites Canadians to share their stories. The site also offers a new learning centre for teachers and parents that contains classroom resources, quizzes and themed study guides." (Features explained here.)


Four Student Misconceptions about Learning

These faulty notions impede learning
"Efficient and effective learning starts with a proper mindset," Stephen Chew writes in his short, readable, and very useful chapter, "Helping Students to Get the Most Out of Studying." You can read his chapter in a downloadable book available here.

He highlights four student misconceptions about learning:

  • Learning is fast
  • Knowledge is composed of isolated facts
  • Being good at a subject is a matter of inborn talent rather than hard work
  • "I'm really good at multi-tasking, especially during class or studying"

"Please be encouraged to read Chew's whole chapter (it's only eight pages). It's in an impressive new anthology which is reviewed in the February issue of The Teaching Professor newsletter. Briefly here, the book contains 24 chapters highlighting important research on the science of learning. The chapters are highly readable!"


Remembering Folk Legend Pete Seeger

Ten performances to enjoy

Flavorwire has assembled 10 clips of Pete Seeger singing some of his most well-known works.
"American folk legend Pete Seeger died last night at the ripe age of 94, leaving behind a rich legacy of musicianship, civil rights and peace activism, and environmentalism that spans eight decades ... Chances are you're more familiar with Seeger's influence than you know, but if you need a refresher — or just want to bask in his grandfatherly, American glory — we've rounded up ten of his greatest performances for your viewing and listening pleasure."


Can Writing Be Art? | Wonderopolis

Writing & art combined.
Do you follow Wonderopolis? Every day you can learn something new. There is a video, a text (that can be machine-read to you), vocab to explore, and additional links. Today, the topic is calligraphy. This could make an interesting project for kids.

"Did you know that writing and art can sometimes be combined? While we usually think of writers as creating works of art in our imaginations with their words, some people make the written word a form of art in and of itself. Their works can be beautiful art that's composed of nothing more than words."



Sharing your eResources with your clientele

What eResources are in your toolbox?

Make sure your students and staff know what resources your district provides.


SYNC Summer program announced soon

Audiobooks for your teen readers

"SYNC offers free Young Adult & Classic audiobook downloads in the summer months to introduce the listening experience.  SYNC will return in the Summer of 2014!"



Using Google Scholar for education

Be a Power Scholar - Google Scholar and Google News

"Learn how to use Google Scholar to find research material (peer-reviewed journals, patents, and more), with this video from Googler Dan Russell (and his quick list of tips from Google).