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Animal projects in French?

Looking for "les animaux"?
Here are some French resources to assist students looking for articles and other information on animals. (Particularly Canadian wildlife.)
WB Découvertes: There are some good (but brief) references in WorldBook Découverte. Choose the "Animaux" link and then select the category you want (ie mammifères, or oiseaux, etc.) The "Dictionnaire visuel" section provides labeled diagrams of some animals. [LINK]

TCE (FR): Students can also consult the Canadian Encyclopedia in French (link also in the Visual Tab) Search for Canadian animals by name. If they don't know the French term, simply switch to the English version, put in the name and flip back once you find the article.

Universalis Junior: Immersion schools are subscribed to UJ. (Look in the Visual Tab of your Destiny catalog). Since UJ is associated with Britannica, there is a tab to view an English version of the articles.

Parcs Canada: Features wildlife found in Canada's national parks. [LINK]

Flore et Faune du Pays: Hinterland Who's Who. You'll find in-depth descriptions of wildlife, discussions on issues, actions the public can take to help wildlife, and educational materials that teachers and group leaders can use. [LINK]

Fédération Canadienne de la Faune: Find engaging pictures, stories of wildlife encounters and additional links. [LINK]

La Société géographique royale du Canada: The exhibit features 24 species of Canadian wildlife such as the Pacific salmon, the grizzly bear and the mountain pine beetle. Photographs give clear visuals of the organisms and descriptions of their biology, habitat, behaviour and range round out a comprehensive overview of each one. [LINK]