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Four Student Misconceptions about Learning

These faulty notions impede learning
"Efficient and effective learning starts with a proper mindset," Stephen Chew writes in his short, readable, and very useful chapter, "Helping Students to Get the Most Out of Studying." You can read his chapter in a downloadable book available here.

He highlights four student misconceptions about learning:

  • Learning is fast
  • Knowledge is composed of isolated facts
  • Being good at a subject is a matter of inborn talent rather than hard work
  • "I'm really good at multi-tasking, especially during class or studying"

"Please be encouraged to read Chew's whole chapter (it's only eight pages). It's in an impressive new anthology which is reviewed in the February issue of The Teaching Professor newsletter. Briefly here, the book contains 24 chapters highlighting important research on the science of learning. The chapters are highly readable!"