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Editable Valentine's Day cards

"I Love My Library"
Here is a link to some editable Valentine's Day cards. It sends you to a number of downloadable PDFs that you can personalize and then print. (Some designs would work nicely for "Love Your Library Day") You'll be able to print, but not save.


The Origins of Wikipedia

The Great Book of Knowledge
"We used to need libraries to make the sum of human knowledge available to all. Today we have Wikipedia, where the sum of human knowledge can be shaped by all of us. But can we trust it? Perhaps the collective mind is the best mind we have..."

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MediaSmart Survey- "Life Online"

Examining the role of networked technologies in young people's lives
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"This report is drawn from a national survey of Canadian youth conducted by MediaSmarts in 2013. The classroom-based survey of 5,436 students in grades 4 through 11, in every province and territory, examined the role of networked technologies in young people's lives. Life Online (the first in a series of reports from the survey) focuses on what youth are doing online, what sites they're going to, their attitudes towards online safety, household rules on Internet use and unplugging from digital technologies." Read an Executive Summary (PDF) or the Full Report (PDF) on the site.

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YALSA’s Call to Action!

Articulating the critical roles libraries play in the lives of teens
YALSA has released its "The Future of Library Services for and with Teens: A Call to Action". While it deals with public libraries, there are some important themes for any library that works with youth. It is the result of a year-long national forum conducted by YALSA "to articulate the critical roles libraries play in the lives of teens."

"The library can no longer be viewed as a quiet place to connect to physical content. Instead it needs to evolve into a place, physical and virtual, where individuals can learn how to connect and use all types of resources, from physical books to apps to experts in a local, regional, or national community. Libraries must leverage new technologies and become kitchens for "mixing resources" in order to empower teens to build skills, develop understanding, create and share, and overcome adversity. ... New research also points to a concept of connected learning, in which studies show that young people learn best when that learning is connected to their passion, desires, and interests."


Deep Astronomy Youtube Channel

Do you love astronomy? What these clips!
"Tony Darnell is an astronomy software technologist at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD with a desire to communicate ideas about the universe. His channel is dedicated to Space Fans who love astronomy and want to learn concepts and hear about new discoveries in astronomy."

Check out his video on the Hubble Ultra Deep Field project.


Family Literacy Day -ABC Life Literacy Canada

Raise awareness of the importance of reading
Consider using this date (Jan 27th) as a conversation starter, reading booster, and/or profile raiser for your library!

"Family Literacy Day is a national awareness initiative created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999 and held annually on January 27 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family.

"Taking time every day to read or do a learning activity with children is crucial to a child's development. Even just 15 minutes a day can improve a child's literacy skills dramatically, and can help a parent improve their skills as well.