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"Just Weed It!" - FRESH

"We are not archivists.  We are educators. "

Jennifer LaGarde writes a great blog about being a TL. Here's her take on weeding and why we do it! She also developed a great poster based on the FRESH acronym.

"We are not archivists.  We are educators.  We are not curators of book museums.  We are conduits of information.  Our job is to connect our patrons (be they students or teachers or other members of our school community) with the BEST resources available. ... I'm not advocating that we toss out all of our print resources for digital ones, but I am saying that it's time we start thinking of our collections as blended spaces - made up of print, digital, physical and human resources.  If we do that, making the choice between a good resource and a bad one becomes a little bit easier."