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Monthly, quarterly, or yearly library reports? - some ideas

Hurray for flag waving!
Looking for ways to jazz up communications with your office? Your admin is better able to advocate for your role if they know how valuable you are to the staff and students. And while some of what happens in your library is visible (ie. book fair, DEAR week, or Love Your Library Day) some of the great every day work may slip under the radar.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Piktochart [Link]
Create an Infographic instead of a traditional text - very visual with a good messaging. It could even make a great poster! (See the example at link below.)
( is another tool: )

Slideshare (from Powerpoint)
Create a series of slides in Powerpoint and upload them to Slideshare - you can share the link with admin, PAC, staff, etc. Use a branded template, and add colourful graphics for lots of impact. It could even be embedded on a blog or webpage.

Issuu - from Word
Any multipaged Word document (complete with colour images and photos) can be saved as a PDF and then uploaded as a flippable e-mag using Issuu.

Some other tools you might look into.