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Using Aboriginal Poetry

Aboriginal Poetry Lesson - Gr7 (Ontario)
Students examine a poem written by an Aboriginal poet and prepare and deliver an oral presentation of the poem.

Some FNMI poets - list taken from
Native Poetry in Canada: A Contemporary Anthology
Some poems are accessible via this GoogleBook. Even though there are pages "missing", you can view a poem or two from each of the poets listed below.

Chief Dan George,  Rita Joe,  Peter Blue Cloud Arionwenrate,  Duke Redbird,  Beth Brant,  Marie Annharte Baker , Sarain Stump,  Wayne Keon,  Gordon Williams,  Jeannette C Armstrong,  Beth Cuthand,  Lenore KeeshigTobias,  Emma LaRocque,  Rasunah Marsden, Skyros Bruce Mahara Allbrett,  Lee Maracle , George Kenny,  Duncan Mercredi,  Daniel David Moses,  Joan Crate,  Louise Halfe,  Marilyn Dumont,  Armand Garnet Ruffo,  Joanne Arnott,  Connie Fife,  Joseph Dandurand,  Kateri AkiwenzieDamm,  Gregory Scofield,  Randy Lundy

The Elder project
Poems by Aboriginal students from School District #22, Vernon and "nkmaplqs i snmamayatn kl sqilxwtet" Cultural Immersion School, Okanagan Indian Band

From FNESC - Poetry Unit for Grade 12
(More to give your teachers some ideas)
This unit is meant to entice students into the experiences and experimentations of First Peoples poets, to discover the impulse of their own creative powers, and to have students compose their own poetry.

Aboriginal Literatures in Canada - A Teacher's Resource Guide

Tea and Bannock Stories
Tea and Bannock Stories is a grass-roots, multi-generational, multi-national gathering of poets and artists. A compilation of poems and images presented in a community event on Mother Earth Day, April 21, 2007.