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Meet Pentametron, A Bot That Only Tweets In Iambic Pentameter

Retweeting couplets in iambic pentameter

While the results can be amusing, charming, touching, and sometimes rude, this new project shows just how common iambic pentameter is to the English speaker. Teachers of Literature can find some interesting samples here. It could even be a challenge to students - try tweeting like Shakespeare would!

"Meet Pentametron, a robot that is a literature nerd's dream. It uses an algorithm to find and retweet rhyming couplets in iambic pentameter. Through a Twitter account, Pentametron retweets sequential tweets that fit into the ten-syllable alternating-stress meter commonly used in Shakespeare's plays and sonnets, complete with rhyming couplets. It also posts them on in 14 line sonnets."

Note: some tweets may not be appropriate for all audiences!