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Dodecahedron Template and ideas

Fun and games with a Platonic Solid

In geometry, a dodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve flat faces - one of the Platonic solids. This is fun shape can be made using a paper template, and fastened with the flaps facing outward, or glued with the flaps tucked in for a nice "soccer ball" look. So what is is good for? The 12 sides make a handy place to marshal 12 aspects of any theme or idea. Twelve sections to a book report, twelve months, pictures from each 12 years, 12 famous people, 12 sites to visit near the school, 12 things I like about myself, etc. There are even some good math activities using 10 numbers (with 2 "freebies") - see links and ideas below.
Platonic Solid Origami (Beautiful images)

Make all the solids