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Jeff Wilhelm is coming to Richmond to speak at one of our Focus days. We have 8 print titles in our ISL collection at DRC. Here are some additional links to explore. (EBSCO, Scholastic site, Youtube clips, webinars, podcasts etc.)
Articles by Wilhelm in EBSCO (See your TL for ID and password for home access)

Title: The Age for Drama, Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
Source: Ed Leadership article]
Title:  Asking the Right Questions: Literate Lives of Boys. Wilhelm, Smith
Source: Reading Teacher. May2005, Vol. 58 Issue 8, p788-789. 2p.        
Title:  Essential Questions. , Wilhelm, Jeffrey D
Source: Instructor. Holiday2012, Vol. 122 Issue 3, p24-27. 4p.
Title:  Getting Boys to Read . Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
Source: Instructor. Oct2002, Vol. 112 Issue 3
Title:  "I just like being good at it": The importance of competence in the literate lives of young men. Smith, Michael, Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
Source: Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy. Mar2004, Vol. 47
Title:  Think-Alouds. , Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
Source: Instructor. Nov/Dec2001, Vol. 111 Issue 4, p26. 3p.     
  • Research and Advisors: 5 part Webinar Series - Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm
  • 4 minute podcast with Wilhelm
  • Inquiring Minds- Learn to Read by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm (PDF paper)
  • Let's Get Boys Reading and Writing (clip)