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BC Agriculture in the classroom

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

BC AITC provides lesson plans for Primary teachers. The following examples are from the yearly  "Summer Institute" .Ranging in length, these unit plans are full of lesson ideas for your class.

  • Farm Animals - A Kindergarten Unit (30 pages) PDF
  • Apples- For Grade One (37 pages) PDF .
  • Come to the Farm - A dairy unit for Grade One (17 pages)PDF
  • From Eggs to Chicks - An integrated Primary Unit (7 pages)PDF.
  • Plants, Seeds and Soil - integrated study for Gr 2 (44 pages)PDF.
  • Wonderful Worms - Integrated for Grades 2-3 (19 pages) PDF.
  • Integrating Dance and Agriculture -Yool kit for K - 7 movement concepts (23 pages) PDF
  • Snack Pack -Fruit and Vegetable-related resources (7 pages) PDF.
  • Vegetables, Farmers and You - For Grade One (44 pages) PDF