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Re-using a VHS video case

Repurposing discarded VHS video cases:

I was out visiting a school recently, and in the course of the conversation remarked that maybe we need a way of pointing kids to our e-resources as they browse the physical shelves. And then I thought of the VHS tapes & cases that are being discarded in many of our libraries...
So...I played around with making Video case covers as stand-ins for books. Below are links to a template that can be formatted to go around an empty VHS case. You can put the case on the shelf or work it into a display.
(PDF link to see what it looks like, docx link to download and modify - it looks wonky, but downloads fine.)

I used to create the shortened URLs and the QR codes. I hunted around on Google Image search to find a sharp enough cover image. Students can scan the QR and go, or make a note of the "goo" and use it with laptop etc. (These are cap-sensitive!)

You can also use this idea to create "stand-ins" for really popular titles - print the cover up and put it on the video case to use in displays so you can still circulate the real thing! (and, here are some other ideas to explore.)