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ABCs of library - feeling creative?

Homemade Posters - "A is for Author"

Pamela Thompson has created an "ABCs of library" poster for her space. This could be a fun activity that kids could help with. You could even ask them to create their own version. Here are some links to get the juices flowing. (See below for Pamela's list.)

The ABCs of the Library
Authors, Books, Chill--axing!, Dystopias , Eye candy, Fiction, Graphic novels, Horror, Internet, Just right, Knowledge, Limitless, Magazines, Non-fiction, Open-for-lunch, People-place, Quite-friendly, Research, Sci-fi, Travel, Utterly-amazing, Vampires, ghosts, witches-oh-my!, Werewolves, X-citing-new-books!, Young-adult-novels , Zombies!

Alternatively, you could create "Dewey" posters.