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25 mini-adventures in the library

Things to do at the library!

Got an hour to spend? Mamascout's blog has a super list of activities to do in a public library on a random weekend or summer afternoon. She has really embraced the idea of making the public library "her kid's" public library. Many of her ideas could be adapted for a class in a school library. Take a look. [Download the printable list here.]

"We spend many afternoons at our neighborhood library. At one point our time switched from going to find particular books, to just hanging out... for hours: reading, exploring, asking questions, sharing, talking...."

"I wanted to share a quick list of fun things you can do at the library other than just check out books. Any of these ideas would be a great boredom buster. Just tell your kid you have an adventure in mind and embrace the mission with verve. You will have a great time!"