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Poetry and short story resources - EBSCO and more

Using EBSCO to support poetry and writing

Here are some magazines in EBSCO that offer poetry and short fiction (among other things). I've also pasted some additional URLs for other poetry sites.

Humpty Dumpty Magazine (Fiction, feature articles, poetry, etc.  aimed at younger elementary school children.)

Ladybug (Stories, poems, songs, etc. for children ages two to six; plus a parent's guide.)

Hopscotch (poetry, fiction, short articles aimed at girls)

Creative Kids (Articles, fiction, activities, poetry, & opinions for kids by kids ages 8-14.)

Spider (Short stories, poems, activities & games for children between the ages of 6 and 9)

Cicada (Teen Interest Poetry and fiction)

Poetry Magazine (more for adults)

Plays - "The Drama Magazine for Young People"

Web resources:


Young Poets


Creative Writing Teacher Resources

UK Poetry magazine archive