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Creating ePubs for eReaders

How to create your own ePubs

Ereaders are beginning to standardize on a couple of formats for novels and other reading material. One of the more common formats is ePub ("what is ePub?"). While it is possible to create ePubs using "Pages" (a Mac program), there are some other options. In Word, you have the option of saving as HTML and then converting the resulting HTML file with Calibre into an ePub. (Note: When saving as HTML, be sure to use the "Save as Web Page" option. Because Word normally produces really messy HTML, cleaning/converting it can take Calibre a long time, so be patient!) You can also save the document as a ".rtf", and import the document into Calibre, which can then convert it to ePub. (...but, you may have to experiment a bit to get images to work properly.)