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A free wiki for the sharing of lead sheets

Wikifonia - music wiki

Wikifonia is a free wiki for the sharing of lead sheets.  User submitted lead sheets can be browsed or searched for by title and artist.  A variety of musical genres are represented, including rock, pop, jazz, broadway, holiday, movies, sacred, and folk traditions. Each lead sheet can be viewed and printed for C, Bb, and Eb instruments in A4, US letter, and braille formats.  They can also be quickly transposed to other keys.  Recordings of most of the tunes are available.  

Each lead sheet can be downloaded in MusicXML format, then edited further in most modern music notation programs. A video describing how to create a lead sheet in MuseSCORE and upload it to Wikifonia can be viewed here.  Wikifonia is a tremendous tool for teachers, students, church musicians, arrangers, and performers of all types.  Check it out!