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SYNC YA Literature - audiobooks

"SYNC YA Literature into Your Earphones" is back!

What is SYNC?
SYNC is a program that develops the audience of teen/YA audiobook listeners.
Two complete digital audiobooks--a current Young Adult title paired thematically with a Classic or assigned Summer Reading title--are available FREE each week to listeners ages 13+.

SYNC 2011 is now in place! Teens and other readers of Young Adult literature will have the opportunity to listen to bestselling titles and required reading classics this summer. Each week from June 23 - August 17, 2011, SYNC will offer two free audiobook downloads.

A complete toolkit for librarians and educators to promote SYNC to their patrons is available at The most exciting item in this year’s toolkit -- audiobook download schedule text alerts for patrons on the go. There are also posters, bookmarks, banner ads, student reminder cards, and more to download for use in your outreach.