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PD resources for Canadian educators

Canadian Education Association (CEA)'s website provides many helpful free PD resources.  

"The Canadian Education Association (CEA) is a cross-Canada network with a strong membership base of leaders in the education, research and policy, not for profit and business sectors.  [CEA is] committed to education that leads to greater student engagement; teaching that inspires students and teachers and that causes all students to learn; and schools that ensure both equity and excellence in pursuit of the optimal development of all students."

Interesting topics include:
- What's Stopping Innovation in Education?
- Improvement, Not Innovation, is the Key to Greater Equity

Podcasts, Teaching Out Loud host by Stephen Hurley
Interesting topics include:
 - Compensating Teachers: Is there merit in another model?
 - The Spirit of Innovation in Canadian Schools

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Interesting topics include:
- How Best To Motivate Students?
- How Children Learn to Read?

Interesting topics include:
  • Turnaround Schools and the Leadership they Require
  • What did you do in school today? Transforming Classrooms