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Sources for online Comics and Graphic Novels

Online Comics and Graphic Novels

Here are some sources for Graphic Novels and Comics that can be read online or downloaded as a pdf.

The WormWorld Saga
an Online Comic , available in a range of languages.  

DC Kids Comics

The Dream Chronicles
( an online Graphic Novel.)

Andy Runton

Toon Books
Also available in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Online Comics
This site offers a range of Online Comics

Classical Comics
This site provides free sample downloads of classics which have been converted into Graphic Novels such as Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, A Christmas Carol and many more.  The site also provides teacher resources and comics with no text so students can interpret the images and add their own.

Written in Bone
Forensic science mysteries, better suited for older students.

Free 'How to' downloadable, single page comics.

Cindi Comics
Free Download

Online Science Comics

Grammarman Comics
Free Download comics on Biographies of the Twilight actors.

Internet Safety Comics
Online comic about internet safety

Hamlet in Machinima
An adaptation of Hamlet created using Machinima by Adrian Bruce.

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