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Revamping the Secondary English reading list?

Themes for Secondary Novel study...

"What would be the key relevant literary themes for today's students?* "

  • Impact of technology on everyday life  (from the internet, devices, social media)
  • Invasion of privacy, consequences for private life
  • Encroachement of government & conflict with individualism
  • Conflict between corporate culture and society/ the environment/ traditions
  • The consequences of a widening gap between rich and poor
  • Political corruption
  • Survival in difficult situations / being self-reliant
  • Separation/roles/values/conflict of church and state, the place of faith
  • Effects of war/conflict/terrorism, and being a soldier/insurgent/freedom fighter/terrorist
  • Impact of changing demographics on our society and culture (ethnicity, age, gender, etc.)
  • Social and cultural impact/challenges of single parenting
Now the challenge is to find contemporary relevant titles (published in say last 10 years) that address these in an engaging, stimulating way. This would make a great discussion topic for high school students, and English departments!

(*Adapted from suggestions by Robert L. Hicks made on LM-Net
Arkansas City High School Library)