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Kitzu - Find, Learn, Create

KitZu by the Orange County Department of Education

(The quality of contents is somewhat uneven - take a look at specific kits before assigning to students. )

KitZu,--> a collection of free, educational, copyright-friendly media resources. Students and teachers around the world can access pre-made collections, or "kits," of various digital assets - still images, background music, narratives, video and text. Each kit is built around a common theme, or curricular topic.

For students, this becomes the construction paper of the 21st century --allowing them to create reports and projects filled with rich, immersive media for communicating their vision of whatever subjects they chose.

These digital kits are meant to provide students with the building blocks necessary to build video and multimedia projects that tell a story and demonstrate learning. A kit can be made up of:

  • - Photos
  • - Illustrations
  • - Animations
  • - Video Clips
  • - Audio Clips
  • - Document