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Google’s Art Project Expands.

Now With More than 30,000 Hi-Res Images From 151 Museums
Gary D. Price (InfoDocket article)

Quick Facts About the Project Expansion:
  • Now, 30,000+ Hi-Res Images (from 151 Museums in 40 Countries)
  • Plus, "Street View" Imagery for 46 Museums -"walk through" usability
  • 46 Artworks Using Gigapixel Technology - get up close, really close!
"New Features from the Art Project:
  • Using completely new tools, called Explore and Discover, you can find artworks by period, artist or type of artwork, displaying works from different museums around the world.
  • Street View images are now displayed in finer quality. A specially designed Street View "trolley" took 360-degree images of the interior of selected galleries which were then stitched together, enabling smooth navigation of more than 385 rooms within the museums. You can also explore the gallery interiors directly from within Street View in Google Maps.
  • An enhanced My Gallery feature lets you select any of the 30,000 artworks—along with your favorite details—to build your own personalized gallery. You can add comments to each painting and share the whole collection with friends and family. (It's an ideal tool for students.)"

Link to GoogleArtProject.

Using the Site (video demo)