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Poetic Table of the Elements: A Periodic Table of Poetry

Poetry meets Science!

Adapting this could make a fun assignment for either an English class or a Science lab, or for an Elementary teacher who wants to fuse the two. The example URL allows you to click on any element and read a student poem (or two) about it. Some are inspired, some are not so much. But with some guidelines, the results could be quite interesting. (haiku, diamante, limerick, etc.) Perhaps one challenge might be to work in the discoverer, or a property, or practical use. (Note: some of the poems submitted are for an older audience, so you might want to create your own.)

Oxygen: By Debra Mathis

An unseen blanket
in which we dance...
a gift of the gasp,
filling us with unspoken light...
and finally leaving us

in that quiet, final night.