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Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History: Mystery Quests

Be a detective: solve historical mysteries!

"Welcome to the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History MysteryQuests, where you can use the popular WebQuest format as you develop your detection skills to solve the historical mysteries on any one of our sites.

These interactive, user-friendly lessons are designed for use by individuals working alone or with a partner; suggestions for adapting these resources for use by an entire class are found in the "Teacher Notes" attached to each MysteryQuest."

Mysteries are arranged by age (11-14 years, 14-16 years and 16-18 years) as some of the investigations deal with concepts that require a more mature outlook. These activities could be part of a forensics unit in science,  a writing unit in language arts, a historical evidence unit in socials or an integrated activity combining several outcomes. Check the links before using with a class.