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"Keeping Teens Reading" - TIp List

Getting and Keeping Kids Hooked on Reading
(Thanks to Kimber T for collating this list from LM-NET)

Nothing earth-shattering here, but some great suggestions to consider if you are looking to reinvigorate your circ stats and encourage a love of reading.

  • 1.  Buy series books:  Get students hooked is essential and they will want to keep reading.  Paranormal series are particularly popular. (Lists, Lists, Lists)(Also: keep an alphabetized list of series handy so students can find the next book just by stopping at the desk.)
  • 2.  Talk About it:  Give students chances to discuss what they read and recommend that to others. (They like to read what their peers are reading and peer endorsements are valued.)
  • 3.  New Formats: Encourage e-books, graphic novels, verse novels, etc.  These can draw students in because of their "novelty."
  • 4.  Suggestion Box: At the circ desk, place a box where student requests are dropped so that students can request books easily. (Or better yet, use a Google form linked to your library page: example)
  • 5.  "Amanda's Picks": Put student recommendations on shelves near books (similar to those seen in bookstores). (Stickers)
  • 6.  Multiple Copies: Have several copies of those really popular books.  That can start a "fad" that may sweep through a grade level!
  • 7.  Book Clips: Show book trailers when students are in the library.
  • 8.  Promote New Stuff: Have new books visible in the library and the latest titles available.
  • 9.  Share Your Choices: Place your latest "literary crush" on your desk. (perhaps on a little stand.) Students will often ask to borrow that title.  (Inspired by Layne's Igniting a Passion for Reading.)  Also: post staff members' pictures with "What Mr/Mrs is reading: __________ " written with dry erase markers to keep an updated running list.