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Videos and webcasts from Literacy BC

Some Tools for Teachers: Literacy Videos   
(Resources developed by B.C. School Districts)

Initiatives and resources being developed and implemented include:
"What Do Good Readers Do?", Picture Word Inductive Model, "Talking Table", Firm Foundations, "Let's Read", "Squiggles", "It's All in The Bag: Clustering from Text", "Talking Tables: An Oral Language Program", "At Promise: Reading Practices that Work"

Including Literacy Webcasts from recognized literacy expert Faye Brownlie; her presentation "Literacy in the Middle Years" at a live, interactive webcast on October 7, 2004 is available on this site.

Also, Numeracy Webcasts from Dr. Heather Kelleher, noted mathematics educator and researcher, demonstrating the use of the K-1 mathematics screening resources.