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"Stories and Legends of the Northwest" - PDF books to download

Indian Reading Series: Stories and Legends of the Northwest

(This is an American site, and does not use the Canadian expression "First Nations Peoples", but rather the term "Indian") These books are also readable on an iPad.

In 1972, the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory received funding from the National Institute of Education for the development of a community-based reading and language arts program especially for Indian children. Twelve Northwest Indian reservations actively participated in the program from its beginning. For the next 11 years, the NWREL Indian Reading & Language Development Program produced 140 culturally relevant stories written by local Indian authors and illustrated by Indian artists.

The result of this work was a unique supplementary reading and language development program for Indian and non-Indian children. The materials were authenticated by the participating tribes and field tested with over 1200 Indian and non-Indian children in 93 classrooms throughout the Northwest.

The teacher's manual reflects the thinking of more than 80 teachers who were involved in the trial stages of the materials and who provided invaluable ideas which were incorporated into the manual. The manual was written to provide suggestions for teachers using The Indian Reading Series, to enable students to receive maximum benefits from the materials.
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