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Panel discussion re: Wikipedia

Wikipedia: What do experts and students think? What do you think?
Panel Discussion from the NCCE Connect 2011 Conference

Addressing the following questions:
  • What are the pros and cons of a “free encyclopedia that anyone can edit,” particularly in an educational setting?
  • Do teachers have a responsibility to discuss Internet resources, such as Wikipedia, with students?
  • Do districts or schools have a responsibility to provide professional development on this, or is this up to the individual teacher?
  • Should Wikipedia be accepted as a valid source for school projects?
  • Should a policy be set on the use of Wikipedia in school?
  • If so, who should set policy – districts? schools? teachers?
  • And what should that policy be?
UStream recording of the panel discussion
The first 8 minutes or so is introductory remarks.
The panel discussion starts at about 8:45minutes in.

Main page for session information and documents.(wiki)

Slide shows used during the panel

Data from student survey mentioned in the intro
Wikipedia, NCCE Connect, webinar,